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The angels: My Comrades

In war when you are outnumbered and outgunned and all hope seems lost, you fall back upon your call for reinforcements to save you. I tried capturing this feeling in my thoughts this time, of being grateful to those who come to help the ones under fire in the heat of the battle, whether providing support or extracting them. The feeling of being " Reinforced" not limited to any country but common to every soldier.. My gratitude to the reinforcements who respond...just in time..

Coming under heavy fire 

I stare into instant death

My comrades injured, killed or fighting still

Bullet by bullet, shells spent, mags going empty

My gun begins to jam, yet my will keeps pressing the trigger

My call for reinforcement has been radioed

Yet I have to hold ground until they show up

The enemy draws near and I am forced to fire burst or save ammo

A grenade blasts near me and the dust makes it all darkness, impossible for me to see

The dust clears and I see my best friend writhing in pain

I drag him to safety and get on my job

I am on my last mag and see no sign of help

I pray to god to still the time or send help

Not for me but for my comrades first

Now I am out of ammo and loose all hope

Prepared for my doom I hear firing from above

Cannons firing, rockets exploding infront of me and the distant rumble of the engines and chopper blades

I look up to see my help arrive

I look up to see my angels arrive

As the fighters pound the targets supported by the gunships

I hear the sound of rumbling feet drawing near

I hear my comrades arrive

My enemy is falling back and I am still alive

My injured friends are being airlifted and I look around to see my loss

I will live today because of my friends

I will live today because I owe them my life

I will live today because my end had not come

I will live today because someday I have to save a life

Someday help for some waiting eyes just like me today

Someday a debt to be paid

Someday a duty to fulfill.....
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