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Heroes: I am Vikrant

INS Vikrant - the most powerful Aircraft carrier the Indian Navy possessed, the one which saw action during 1971 for the birth of Bangladesh and which has served as the deterrent for the foes all these years. Proud of it, I started writing this to showcase the might of the naval force... deeply saddened by the decision of the govt. to sell this as scrap for a mere 60 crores citing maintenance issues, I decided that I wont let most powerful carrier go down nameless and into oblivion so here it is.

This is how Vikrant talks to you about its birth, years in action, retirement and subsequent fate.. like many others it also doesn`t want to go down as mere scrap. This is VIKRANT for you.

I am Vikrant, INS Vikrant

I mean courageous... for courage is needed to deter the enemies and to safeguard the maritime waters of the country.

I was born in England but raised by the Indian Navy

Captain Pritam Singh took care of me first

Although I was a new member but I was lethal

Armed with Bofors, Sea Hawks, Sea King, Chetak and Sea Harriers I ensured the waters and coasts of the country remained safe

1971 was my year of glory

The year which turned the tide of war

I was there when the fighters took off from my decks and struck Chittagong and Cox`s bazaar harbours

My detachment blasted Karachi to keep the enemy at bay and give rise to a new nation

I had my share of enemies too but there were angels on my side

The hunter became the hunted when Rajput became the doom for Ghazi

But I`ve mourned the loss of my own too

I celebrated victory but at the cost of loosing the brave souls of Khurki.

I just watched helplessly as 194 brave souls lost their lives protecting the country

I`ve seen the modern era too.

From the old Sea Hawks to the modern Sea harriers , I`ve seen all of them come and serve the country

Serving the country proudly for over 20 years I`ve passed on the mantle to Viraat

Its more beautiful and lethal than me

When the brave souls were regaining the hilly terrain of kargill, my force was watching their backs 

The sea was ours so that the land can become ours too

We were the unsung heroes, but it doesn`t matter

We suffered enough for the lost soldiers , my heart didnt wanted to take credit

The Navy and the air force were there to provide the needed support, support to take back what was ours

Before I could even blink, Vikramaditya joined

Matching lethality, it now operates the Fulcrums and the Harriers

Its the massive firepoower I have seen in years with the navy

I can relax now in my resting place in Mumbai where I am a naval museum, showcasing my strength and distinguished history of the forces to the people of the country

I watch from the sidelines the force grow mightier

I want to go nowhere else, let this be my final resting place

Let this be my death bed

I want to go down with my head held high proud of the service I gave to the nation

For I am Vikrant and I want to be remembered for my courage

I am Vikrant..

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