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WOW: ‘The Perfect Woman’

I have always been a romantic at heart and contrary to what people say about finding a person who should connect with you emotionally instead of physical beauty, there are few things which every guy wants in his woman. Here is my idea of the perfect woman which I would love to have-

The one who should be my best friend first and next to it a possessive girlfriend by heart so that I feel protected and wanted majority of times. Her radiant smile would put the morning sun to shame, each time, every time, everyday, for the lifetime. She would be my best partner instead of being just my life partner. Her enchanting smile should make sure that I start to miss her the moment she leaves, the eyes would eagerly scan the crowd for that one person- for her. Walking besides me, she should just stop at a place and watch me wander absentmindedly, later on for me to realise that she’s not besides me. When she is with me I should feel the same calm joy as one experiences in light sunlight when its a light drizzle, that kind of joy. When she laughs, it would seem to me as the sound of some trinkets making melodies in the surroundings. I would like to fall in love with her everyday, every living moment because she would be the one who would make it all possible for me. I would like to read her eyes and gauge what is going through her heart when she is utterly quiet and not speaking to me, if there is something bothering her I would want to know because she has to be my pillar of strength and she can’t remain worried if that’s the case. Her kohl should speak of her innocence and yet her mischiefness. It should mirror what is going through her, a bit messed up when she sad and glowing when she’s happy. Should console her terrified eyes when she’s afraid of something. It’s what makes her truly complete in itself compliment would be dangler earrings and she would be a total stunner just like a fairy does with her wings. I would rather be intoxicated by her kohl than a peg of alcohol. Has anyone desired to be riddled by bullets from a firing squad? I would love to be….. by her look from those kohl filled eyes. She would love to let me help drape her saris and apply the eyeliner when she’s getting late for any party. She would always be ready to take the midnight walk with me, any time of the night when I feel like taking one. The one who loves to explore nature on a holiday and takes in the scenery in silence and not saying a word, instead just looking at the beauty of mother nature. 

Always the challenger to challenge me at Counter Strike or any other first person shooter game, the little kid reborn who loves reliving childhood while shooting in Contra or collecting coins and saving the princess in Mario, the 1st one to disturb the whole carrom board when she realises that she is losing and trying all sort of dance moves on a chess board by her queen. The one who would fight with me when she’s angry but would resolve the issue with a pillow fight. Win the pillow fight, emerge the winner. In case the fight continues into the next day, we both must be normal whereas the fight and argument can continue the night again. She can extract whatever she wants out of me on women`s day, her birthday or any other occasion. The perfect experimenter in the kitchen who would love to try out new tastes which I could try to create in the kitchen. The more lenient of the two parents, the perfect mom and wife who would spoil both me and the kids on one hand with new pranks and then also rectify us too, like a school teacher. She must be my personal teddy bear whose hug would absolve me of all worries and tensions. The one who would use my hand instead of a pillow, to sleep , listening to my heartbeat and uses her wet hair to wake me up everyday. When I would fight with her to take rest when she is ill and she will insist on continue working saying that she’s fine and I need not worry, I search for that sort of love in the perfect woman. When growing old, she would rebuke me saying,” You are getting old for this romance stuff, you know that, right?” . Her same kohl filled eyes would ask me the same question, “You still love me like you used to?” And I will reply, “You are my best friend gorgeous, I still love you with the same intensity as before.”

That’s my perfect woman…..

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  1. That's a long list nonetheless....but you better be careful... extract anything on women's day or any other occasion might bankrupt you:p anyways very beautifully written..I don't know it's for WOW or simply she is your dream woman, it was a divine read.

    1. i am ready to be kangaal....magar pehle aisi mile to

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