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The world "Remade" - #Conclave15

Our world- sometimes I laugh at the irony of it all. Its just a world now, not ours anymore or should I say that its not the way how I would like it to function or be. Tied up in the name of democracy I feel helpless sometimes when I see so many things going absolutely wrong and I cant do anything. The so called change through voting comes once every 5 years so it’s a no go from my side, things need to change for the better much faster than this. When I look at the larger scale of things, I see that its not just about India anymore, it has come down to the whole world itself. There is so much wrong going on in the world that its time to remake everything before anything major happens which would be catastrophic. If I had the power to make a whole new world, this is what I would go in for. It’s a combination of what new things I would want new, the changes in the current system in India as well as taking the whole world into consideration.

This would be my new “remade” world-

  • Human survival with the environment. Turn up the green cover in the whole world and make it mandatory for everyone to care for nature. Maybe bring out the captain planet hidden there in each and everyone of us. When we can care for the plants in our homes then why cant we do it for the whole world before its too late to touch the point of no return. 
  • Don’t know whether bringing back the dinosaurs would be such a great idea but we humans need to co exist with the wild animals as well and this earth is their home too, so be careful before encroaching on their homes for the so called “development”. I would surely not like a campaign like SAVE THE TIGERS to run ever..or for any animal for that matter . Let them co exist too, without being endangered in any way. 
  • Today there is an urgent need to respect all religions. My world would have no religion but if someone wants to follow any religion of his/her choice, there would be no boundation of any sort. “ I respect all religions” is a line that has become limited to only school prayers now. In the real world there is a constant tussle to prove one`s religion greater than the other and in the process either the other religions are being decimated or the people are being killed in the process. This has got to stop. The violators would be punished with an iron hand and there would be no place for such people in the new world. 
  • Politics needs to stay away from both religion and education at all levels. The new world would make sure of that. Politics in the core sense means to serve and it would be used for that purpose only- to serve. Serve the whole world and not one`s own selfish ambitions of power and money. It cant interfere with education at all. 
  • Education needs to make sure of 2 things, abeit contrary in nature. Firstly no reservation of any kind on the basis of religion or caste. There would be no SC, ST, OBC category reservation anywhere. When it would be a new world made by me, I would make sure that these bifurcations don’t happen. Its all about education for all and jobs on the basis of capability. The 2nd thing which needs to be done is to secure education and jobs for the differently abled. Yes, I know that I said no reservation in the first place but really need to do this so that the special people get the courage to face mainstream people and be confident in their activities. They too should have equal opportunities like everybody else. They need empathy, not sympathy. 
  • Freedom of speech would be there for all, in reality and not just in the various constitutions of the world. The only thing to make sure is that the so called freedom of speech doesn’t hurt anyone. 
  • The world needs love and humanity and lots of it. I want to make a world where people falling in love don’t have to think twice about the so called religions, castes or what the society would say and all such stuff to be honest. In this new world, there would be only honour in love and no honour killing. At many a times we have seen humanity die a horrible death. Its time to being human is not just a line or slogan at a fancy tshirt but also exists in reality. Its time people helped each other in times and the new world would make sure it happens. 
  • Law would be equal for all in the world. There would be no VIP, VVIP treatment just because the said person is a higher official or a celebrity. In any case, he would be treated in the same way as any normal person is treated for his crimes. Law proves to be same in doing and not just merely saying that it does. Its time the “blindfolded” law needs to take off that blindfold and see things with open eyes for a change. 
  • Delayed justice is a big no no. There would be a timeframe in delivering justice to the affected person. The “next date” feature of the courts today would no longer exist. The courts delivering justice would function more like fast track courts so that speedy justice remedies are available to one and all and no longer remains a distant dream. 
  • Women would be treated at par with men everywhere. They are not doormats for sure. Its time to give them the respect they deserve in the society and no better way to start all that from something new. The current world is a living hell for them, its high time amends are made in that regard. Punished for loving, wearing clothes of their choice, doing work would be things of the past. 
  • Healthcare would be easily accessible to all. It would make sure that the right to healthy living fits into everyone`s reach and pocket. Its time to end the Nouveau riche preferential treatment in healthcare. Medicines would be freely available to one and all so that nobody dies due to lack of treatment.
  • A world where all sports have equal respect and recognition. Unlike the present scenario where one particular sport dominates a particular nation and the others fight for their due recognition, the new “remade” world would be a sea of opportunities for all sportspersons across various fields. 
  • I would love a world without wars but that doesn’t mean that there would be no security. Every nation would have a force to defend itself in the first place. You cant have your existence threatened just for the sake of world peace. The defenders of the nations don’t have to live and survive on peanuts and search for recognition as compared to their civilian counterparts. They would be remembered forever so that they don’t have to fight for their pensions after their active service life. It would be high time the nation would honour the soldiers. 
  • A remade world where people would be encouraged to study courses of their choice based on their interests and not only look at studying with the future “job: prospects or having to worry about “ what are the future prospects of this study?”. Many a times knowledge is liked to be gained just for interest and not just as something which would fruityfy into a job later on. Its time to encourage knowledge, not money associated with it. 
  • In the new world, there would be no food scarcity. There would be food for all so that no person misses out on being a healthy person just like the other person next to him/her. 
  • Every person in the society would feel secure and its time that they stopped living in fear from each other. 
  • Where sexual orientation is not a taboo anymore. The LGBTs exist in humanity with the common people. Who said that having a different sexual orientation gives a right to create barriers between people? When we can accept differently abled people between us with ease, then why cant it happen with the people having different sexual orientations? 
  • Anywhere in the world, there would be no division of states in the various nations. Its time to be united and not further divide it. 
  • The past history told through monuments would not fade into oblivion of neglect at any cost. There would be preservation of all so that the future generations don’t read about them in just books but also in reality in their full glory.

This is how I would create the new Remade world by me…this is how I would like it to be. 

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  1. Yes yes bring the dianosaurs back..They will live in big green forests and we will co exist peacefully with them. Lets create a world where every religion and sport is respected. I totally agree with u.