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WOW: That one quote..

The one quote you live by. Well, that is quite a bit of task when you have to choose between the different ones you follow, some said by others, and some your own. This would probably be the shortest writing prompt I have attempted because there is not much there to write. The saying which I follow made up by me itself comes under the category of “I don’t care” and which helps me live my life.

We all are influenced / pressurised by what others around us may say, think or tell us. In the process, we lose our way of doing things , we do things the way we think would impress others because sometimes their opinion matters most and so we are not doing things we want the way to be done. Enough with such pressure, I do the things my way not caring a bit about what the others think or in any way they can influence my way of doing things. “You don’t need a character certificate from the people down here when you go up at the end of your time.” This is what I believe in and what I do. Especially after I have tried just like the others, sometimes trying to do the things, by the way of others, so that we may keep a favourable impression of me or of my end result. In the process I have had heartaches, disappointments and various other things. Some years down the line I realised that when the same people don’t govern my life, then why I should really think about them. This quote above simply says to me that do what you feel like, your own way keeping in mind that it’s not morally wrong. As long as it ticks off all the correct boxes it works well for me. I don’t have to carry a character certificate from the people down here that I was a good boy who kept in mind the feelings of others  when it’s finally time for me to go. There are instances were I have annoyed a lot of people pretty sure that their impression about me must have gone into the negative part. I accomplished the task, according to my full satisfaction.

So just continuing with this philosophy, I get on with life because I know that I would, rather like to be troubled by the solutions of problem rather than what a particular person thinks about me. You care about public opinion, what you really need to clear is how I’m doing something which I do or love doing. The day I leave the earth I would rather like to answer the things which I did in my life, rather than carry a character certificate from the people in my life. Its time for me to be happy and let the others pop in blood pressure pills rather than being the other way around. Character certificates are needed on earth in schools right????

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