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Heroes: Soldiers, a radio station , and a Thank You !!

Radio city at Kargill

Surprises come in various forms and sizes and especially when you are least expecting them to happen….Out of the blue as they are called…it all started with a initiative on a occasion, transformed into a phone call and ended which left smiles and tears on many faces and thoughts in the hearts.

On this independence day, Radio city started a initiative – to go and personally thank the soldiers posted at the border. The whole city ( Delhi and neighbouring areas) was asked to send in their wishes to the real men out there- the form of gratitude and thanks were various and fully upto the people. The promos were different – it looked like they really meant it. Rather  than chatting one line on air that day of “ Happy independence Day” in their ac studio, the difference was when their RJ Aadi went in person to Kargill to meet and honour the men in Olive green at rugged terrain, freezing temperatures, biting cold, inhospitable conditions… the gesture that would put those people in touch with the common people out here during peacetime, their families, their wishes, their feelings…  Regularly seeing TV crews up on those heights on these occasions must have been common for the soldiers – reviewing the situation on those borders , but getting a radio station crew up there with so many presents from the same unknown people whose lives they protect everyday must have been a pleasant surprise.

RJ Aadi with Brig. Shammi Raj

It was just by chance that I got a hold of all this- resting while ill. My very first instance on hearing the promo was- Are they really doing this?? The next thought was to check all this online and the results really showed up the pics at facebook…The various presents , gifts, gratitude told me that this independence day was going to be different….for a lot of people…right from hand made cards from 5 year old children to people from the various walks of life told me that it was just phenomenal. I knew that I had missed out the opportunity to contribute something- but destiny had other plans. In my free time, while listening to the radio I used to catch up on the updates – all the people at RC delhi used to be  enthusiastic and happy about this whole thing, it was all evident in their voices. My chance came when the team was supposed to return to delhi. It was a small gesture on my part. Just the heart wanted to say thank you…to the soldiers, to the RCD team. It was probably to everyone who was involved with the conception of the idea to the final execution. With trembling hands, a chocked throat due to weather change and a slight temperature,the mind said to back off and let it be but the heart just pushed me to go. I had no words written, no script, nothing, not knew what I would say on a live  programme  on radio. Had never called up a radio station. All I had decided was to call up the RJ – Khurki ( the person left behind and anchoring the show in absence of Aadi) and just talk. The timing was just right- call connected when 4 songs played back to back , giving me around 20 minutes of estimated talktime.

The call was surely picked up by a lady and on my inquiring about Khurki, she must have thought that I must have been just another person trying to get a conversation or having a song dedication. Must would not have thought what I had in mind. When she asked me, “ Are you going to give the traffic update?”, my reply came instantaneously… “ No. not for that…I have actually called up to say thank you to each and every member of RC team for their initiative in Kargill….”. God knows what happened and in around 45 secs she politely asked me to be on hold so that she could transfer the call to the man whom I wanted to talk to. In less than half a minute I was talking to Khurki. Debriefed or not , after the customary greetings and hi hello he asked me what I wanted to say. I knew this was my chance and I just started saying what I meant to say. Something might have got him thinking because the talk with him went non stop for some 5-6 minutes.. I just bared my thoughts out. About the whole initiative, what I thought , what I felt, how much difference this will do… I knew my throat was giving up on me and I would have to stop soon but thought to give it all I had, like a sprinter running the last few mtrs. of the race. With just 7 mins. of a call, I knew I had accomplished my objective. It felt good…real good. But things changed.

Just 10 minutes afterwards, the whole call was replayed on the radio and now I was clueless.. Things changed a lot the next day… I heard this last promo….featuring my voice.  In just one night they took my call as a feedback and made a promo of around 70 seconds- totally unexpected. During the whole day I heard myself on the radio so many times that I lost count. The whole experience was overwhelming. Right from the thought, the call, the end result everything. They acted as a bridge between the people and the soldiers, the persons who bring the soldiers closer to their families and their loved ones, a medium by which we could know and feel their hardships everyday, to look and think that they are deprived of the basic luxuries we enjoy, to tell them that they are forever remembered…we are just devoid of a medium to reach out to them.

It might have been just 70 secs of my fame but what mattered most to me were those 7 mins I talked to the RC delhi team… I have forgotten what I said then, there might be no more record of my talk that day but I am sure my gratitude and thoughts must have been somewhat etched in the minds of the people whom I talked to . My this post, this experience is truly dedicated to Radio city Delhi, without  whom this not have been possible…ever…

I combined all the promos to remind that this was truly something unique. You guys gave me a chance to share my thoughts and maybe somebody must have agreed to what I said... Your concept team deserves a special pat on the back for coming up with such a brilliant idea. Thank you guys…. 

The Radio clip for all of you to hear.....

This next clip will give you an idea how soldiers control what they feel, how do they control their emotions, what it takes to set aside your personal loss and do your takes exemplary courage..they are not ordinary people, they are heroes, angels who have no parallel.. 

Get a small insight into their world.

Want to hear what happened that day?? Go here.. 

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