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5 Things a man will never ever tell his girl.....

There are somethings that a man will never tell you. But these things might help you understand your partner better and improve your relationship. These are things which need not be spoken or reminded but just understood.

* We want you to like our friends, but not love them: A man would want his girlfriend to get along with his friends, but he may not like you hanging out with them all the time. Don't make statements showing your love for his friends. Afterall, you are his girl and guys are bound to get protective and possessive...everytime..

* We don't like it when you go gaga over anyone else: Be it Brad Pitt or Salman Khan, we don't like it when you drool over their bulging biceps or six-pack abs. Don't be surprised if we start praising our celeb sweethearts out of the blue. Teasing is fine upto a limit, but comparing?...definitely no ... No no.....

* We worry that you will find someone better: It's not just women who worry about losing their guy to some hotter chick, even men suffer from the same pangs of insecurity. Just that they are better at hiding it than most women. If your guy is one of the jovial types but you have been seeing him a bit serious, trust me majority of times he`s worried about you....about loosing you to someone better....Guys dont admit but they are scared about these things.They can let go of material things, but not love.

* We don't cuddle hoping for sex: It's not just women who like to just hold hands or relax in her partners' arm. A guy will never admit to this but he loves cuddling too. It doesn't mean that he doesn't have naughty things on his mind, but there are some exceptions. Even he is romantic and loves those moments of relaxation where he just holds you in his arms. 

* Don't expect us to tell you what we do on a boys' night out: Whether it's girls, sports, cars or bikes, don't expect a guy to reveal any of the things that he has discussed with his buddies. It's probably better that way!!
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