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Can girls really love ??

Can girls really love?  That’s one question which haunts and ponders all. Romantic movies and books are ok but the reality is quite different. Rarely would you find girls choosing love over money when it comes to settling down with someone. Its not about loving someone, its about marrying your love inspite of his financial standing. Majority of cases the mantra remains- love the one of your choice, marry the richest of the boys. The love shuv goes out of the window. It’s a total ball game now compared to the earlier times when love was sacred. Yep , the word is correct – GAME , this is what love has come down to now with both being players. But when it comes to serious things like love and marriage, why do girls back off??

Why do they think about money then? Ok, financial security is must but at the cost of feelings you harboured for someone? These are not hypothetical situations…these are true incidents I witnessed personally. A friend of mine earns a handsome amount and so does his girlfriend but for the girl`s family members- it just wasn’t  enough for a nod.  Kudos to the girl who kept her stand and her firm decision. After that storm, I hear that now both families have agreed. But that is just one silver lining among dozens of dark endings. One was in love with a boy and she said that she`ll be with him for long. After sometime she called me up to say that she was getting engaged to a boy her family had chosen and she has  agreed. The boy was a wealthy businessman, her relatives had chosen. She left her love because “ he has tons of money” and the love? “ money is more important yaar”, she said to me.

That day it just got me thinking that what is more important for girls? Settling down with love or money? I understand the pain of the boys when they cant get the girl they love just because the money factor comes in between and they loose the race of love to the match of wealthy fiances. In my master`s days, I had seen about 8-10 of my batchmates as couples in college. Now years down the line, I remember only 3-4 of them who entered wedlock with the same person whom they loved…the rest?? They became history. Rather than going for love, the girls married the more financially secured guys(whatever be the reasons). Then where the hell did the love go? Only to vanish in the aisles of tough times. Compromise is a word which they used and chose a different life.. what did they leave behind for the guy? – shattered dreams , his feelings, his ability to trust people. The girls just couldn’t stand up to their original decision of protecting their love…and this happens all around.

Is love all about experiencing only in the courtship days when the whole world seems secured? Why not carry out till the destination of being together as partners? Money cant buy love. A girl might get a wealthy husband but its not sure that he would be loving as well…a loving partner might not be as wealthy but he can be the most affectionate person in the world a girl can get. It’s a choice between feelings and finances….a tough one I must say… years down the line and through that memory lane I don’t know whether the girls would be happy with the money they have or would they trade in all that for love after years.. love seems a tough choice….

A boy loved a girl. Over the course of the years , he told her that he loved her very much and would like to spend his future with her. External circumstances didn’t go in his favour and he could not make the start he would have liked professionally. Even though the girl had feelings for him, she chose to go with her family`s decision of choosing the boy for her even though she knew that the feelings, emotions of the boy are way much more strong alongwith the passion he has for her care that no amount of money can equal that. She was given a choice…she chose the family… obviously for practical reasons they saw the financial standing of the boy … the guy who loved lost. She couldn’t stand up to love… Last heard, the boy decided he wont love anyone now… He cant quantify his love in money. He loved her and lost her to money inspite of his trying his hardest.
This money vs love debate will never end as love would be chosen very less when the future ahead is full of trying times. Money majorly wins as it’s the solution to most of the problems…or is it? A materialist thing against one of the most purest  feeling in the world… girls cant make the choice and cant take love…  that’s a fact in today`s world… there are exceptions to this rule…but very few….

Some hard realities speak for themselves when there is a topic of marrying your love  despite his financial standing vs getting hitched to a more prosperous boy chosen by the family… girls cant love….thats for sure... any different cases?? I don’t know because it rarely happens.. very rarely..

*all incidents narrated here are true…
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  1. I agree to your point made in the Article . Understanding girls is one of the toughest thing to do .

  2. bhai loving them is the toughest and expecting that they`ll be with you for the lifetime