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WOW: Write A Poem Using These Words

Write A Poem Using These Words‘ – Fear, Ready, Wide, Tie, Will.
Fear, of the unknown future in the nameless oblivion of life and where it would eventually lead?

A fear which created a crevice so wide, which seemed infinitely stretching into the dark corners of space

Where mental strength lays down its arms even before the battle begins.

Where the results of failure, tie themselves to the stones of dejection deep into the depths of sea of the subconscious mind.

The will to not give up, tugs the sleeve of the heart , asking it to give it one more shot.

Like life depends on it.

Like I would not live another day and this is all I have for now.

Like the warriors who go down only momentarily only to be back again.

I tell my heart, “Yes I am ready”

Ready to give it my all.

Ready for the moment when I can hold my head high and say, “ Yes , I gave it my all”.

Whats this about- The moment when it seems in life that all has been lost when your every effort goes in vain and you think of calling it quits forever..these lines ask to give it one last push with all you have got.

This post is a part ofWrite Over the Weekend, an initiative forIndian Bloggersby BlogAdda.’ 

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  1. Yes fear can be paralysing and creates a lot of cascading effects that tie us down. Nicely created poem.