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Captivating: Surf Excel Ramazan 2016 #madadekibadat

The one time when an awesome ad by Google had been launched of 2 separated childhood friends, it touched many hearts and it seems that Surf Excel Pakistan has created an awesome ad.

The cute ad
The ad shows how 3 friends help a seller sell his wares without caring for their own clothes and the stains when his cart gets stuck while going for business , thus highlighting the message of Ramzan of improving as human beings helping and also staying true to the tagline of Surf Excel – अगर दाग लगने से कुछ अच्छा होता है तो दाग अच्छे हैं . ( If stains help someone then stains are good).

Few things which make the ad awesome for me –

1. The son and mother share a cute relationship. Just smiles and winks do the trick instead of words.

2. The background song really captures the essence.

It’s a good thing that this ad was not made by Surf Excel India because these things would have happened-

1. The kid would have lost his innocence and would have talked like an adult.

2. The mom would have started explaining the chemical composition of surf excel, thrown in tehnical jargon as well as how it fights stain..

Till then, enjoy this cute ad.

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Captivating: Surf Excel Ramazan 2016 #madadekibadat Captivating: Surf Excel Ramazan 2016  #madadekibadat Reviewed by Shwetabh on 5:44:00 PM Rating: 5