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Heroes: I am a Ninja...

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Army Commandos

I am a Ninja.

I belong to an elite group of warriors.

I train among the chosen few and the very best.

I train in hellish conditions so that hell doesn`t scare me.

I train to prove my mettle in the wild.

My weapons are all automatic and latest but my principle the same old - finish the enemies.

Sleep for me is by desire, not necessity.

I take over when things proceed into dangerous territory.

I am ready at a moment`s notice whenever the country needs me.

I wait only till orders are about to be given.

After that I unleash the storm of my action like a hurricane destroying everything in its path.

So don`t mess with my country.

Failure is not an option for me.

Its always Mushkil waqt, Commando sakht.

I help my comrades from all services.

My stealth can take anyone by surprise, my knife can cut anything and my bullet can blow the enemy`s head off.

I may be hardened by my profession but I can still read the gratitude in the eyes of the civilians.

Civilians whom I help in times of need.

Gratitude in the eyes of those whom I rescue during tsunami, landslides and floods.

Gratitude when I save a life in the trapped debris of an earthquake.

Gratitude when I reunite a child with her mother.

Gratitude when people call me a savior.

I am an Indian Army Commando 

I am the silent ninja, ready to face all odds.

I have no individual name but the country calls me MARCOS..

I serve the force of battle hardened men who are a cut above the rest.

I volunteer for this on my own , my identity a secret to the world.

I have trained among the elite in the class – the US SEALS and the British SAS.

I don’t fear any terrain, the only fear is in the eyes of the adversaries

Where, when and how I strike, still remains a secret because I am the silent ninja in my own way- silent, deadly.

I don’t restrict myself to just one country, I defend foreign shores too.

From the harbours of Sri Lanka, the freezing chill of Kashmir to the Gulf of Aden, you name it and I am there.

Major Sandip Unnikrishnan

By the time you blink, it’s all over as time is one luxury I don’t have.

I am the Ninja who protects against terrorists, they call me the NSG.

The country has seen me from Operation Blue Star till operation Black Tornado and many in between.

I too have my heroes… whether its Gajendra Singh Bisht or Sandeep Unnikrishnan, I am always in awe of their courage.

Even Ninjas are mortal, I remember this.

We are the ninjas who work different ways but have only one common aim - protect our home.

This is the way I am...this is my way of life.

*MARCOS- Marine Commandos

NSG- National Security Guard

The story behind this- 
The special forces are called to handle situations when they go way beyond the grasp of normal police forces. These specialist men are trained to deal with a variety of situations involving high amount of danger. Right from Operation Blue Star to Operation Black Tornado (Mumbai Attack) and many more , these special forces have seen it all. The writeup here takes you into a limited way of working of the Army Special forces commandos, MARCOS ( Indian Navy commandos also known as Marine Commandos. They are also known as Indian SEALS), NSG ( National Security Guard).

The very fact that all special forces personnel are volunteers and only NSG personnel show their face with the identity of the other units never revealed (they would never take off their masks), proves that these are personnel who operate with a very different method where only the very best of the best make the cut. Hence , so much secrecy in this writeup.

The Nana Patekar movie " Prahaar" was just a tip of the iceberg. The training of these real life ninjas has undergone more extensive and dangerous. So when you see them in operation, just keep in the mind the immense danger they face and the highly unfavourable odds stacked up against them, yet they do what they have to do.
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