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WOW: 30 Things That Make You Happy

Well thinking even 1 thing is a tough job for aalsi people like me and 30 seems like climbing Everest every hour… nevertheless , I will try to reach 30 and see whether I reach there or not? So lets get started.. 

1. There is a dialogue of Gulshan grover , “ज़िन्दगी का मज़ा तो खट्टे में ही है “ .. So there you have it. This khatta comprises of the street food I can relish of any city and if its tangy in taste, then it’s a perfect icing of… chaat masala or lemon… take the pick. 

2. I am rediscovering music once again as I try to find some me time in the busy work life and its back to ghazals, the extinct Indi pop culture and the classical songs. My room, no lights and music…nothing is more bliss than this. 

3. Nothing is more fast paced in sports for me other than hockey and formula 1. I love watching live hockey matches in the stadium whenever they are held in cities I can reach. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a charged crowd shouting India India backing the players for the fast paced action for full 60 minutes. 

4. Coming from sports to attending live events. It gives a feel of doing something different. I am happy attending various programmes on different topics because it helps me think in a different way. 

5. I joined facebook in 2009 with the sole purpose of finding lost people and friends from as far as I can remember . Its always mission accomplished for me whenever I manage to track down people from my childhood days. That’s my sole purpose of being on fb. Relatives/family members/office colleagues are always blocked. 

6. Get me a do not disturb time and I can spend all my free time playing my old computer games all day/night long. 

7. I try to complete my whims. Whether its sudden interest to learn sign language or even French, I make sure to do that on DIY basis. When my sudden interest might spike in something new, even I don’t know. 

8. Although I am not a big fan of air travel but the only thing which excites me the most – takeoff. The sudden acceleration on the runway full throttle and the pull up gives me a thrill like no other (second only to me being around fighter jets). 

9. Give me time and throw me into any historical place and I`ll discover probably every mm of exploration space until my legs give away due to constant walking and exertion. I get lost in a place when I visit it and they take hours to complete. 

10. I love photography as it gives me a view to shoot from a different perspective which probably no one might have thought before. Although a dslr camera feels like a mix of quantum physics and organic chemistry but it gives me a wide range to shoot from. 

11. I love reading in my free time, if I am getting bored I pick up any book and finish it off. Be it Premchand`s novel, or Indian fiction- doesn’t matter. 

12. I love visiting places, the more landscape scenery it has, the better. Skyscrapers don’t excite me that much as sea, forests, greenery. 

13. I liked to write poetry…liked because poetry brings me some memories which pain a bit so I tend to stay away from writing but once in a while I pen something. 

14. A big bowl of custard in dessert at any time of the day and year can surely brighten up my heart. 

15. Claiming my childhood back, I dive deep into the comics world with all the characters I grew up with. 

16. At late nights away from the maddening world, I take out my cycle and just paddle on the deserted roads. 

17. I have heard the names of many classical and must watch movies which I haven’t seen yet…So whenever I more gets ticked off, its a delight. 

18. People might say that its related to blogging but I say that I love writing…my thoughts , ideas etc. Blog is just a place where I keep it safely away from the prying eyes of the family and yet close to people who feel related to it after reading that. 

19. I day dream a lot.. and it can be on anything but my fav. subject to dream – Katrina…and my family knows about it very well. 

20. Don’t need it really kind of shopping. Well that’s done only in fairs and exhibitions from stalls where the products have been made by underprivileged children or people, I buy items in bulk just for the heck of it for use to make sure that the amount I pay to them would bring happiness to their efforts, although majority of times I donate all the stuff to the needy. 

21. Minimum 8 hours to sleep to make sure that I am not cranky the next day. 

22. In summers I love to gulp down one glass of “Aam panna” from every thela in a different locality when returning home from finishing some chore. 

23. My experiments with spices in recipes. I love doing experiments in the kitchen and also when I get a chance to prepare even a most basic dish for myself if my mother does not send me into exile from the kitchen. Normally I am not allowed there. 

24. Staring into a star filled night sky. 

25. Cuddles with my soft toys. 

26. Getting drenched in rain. 

27. Trying to get the pitch right in singing some of my most fav and yet toughest songs to copy. 

28. In this era of tweets, whatsapp… getting replies through emails. 

29. Gardening. 

30. खुद के तो बहुत काम किये, कुछ उन बेचारों की मदद करके जो ख़ुशी मिली उसकी बात ही अलग है. 

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  1. Rain, comics, sleep, aam Panna and many more - a lot of common things to make me happy as well. But my absolute favorite is no. 5 - if you are my colleague /relative, I will block you on FB. I have blocked most of family members as well because they become a big pain, specially when you tend to voice your opinion quite loud and clear.