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Heroes: 20 Souls

The remains of the truck in the manipur attack

20 Souls they were 
Planning their departure from their beloved motherland, leaving their burned bodies behind
20 Souls they were 
Who took an oath to protect their motherland through their selfless service
As they prepared their departure they took a glance at their bodies
They were burned, torn and unrecognisable
The smell of burning human flesh was sickening, “let’s depart soon”, they said
“Had it been for burning flesh of animals or cows it would have been of much interest to Media at least”
As they went up the sky they glanced down, the life was normal and peaceful in the country
All they could hear in the TV sets were news of mangoes and yoga
All they could see in the TV screens were the smiling face of the guard at the mango orchard
All they could read in the social media were scandals, IIT and Periyar.
Nameless they are because they aren’t the victims of Uber Kissing Scandals
Nameless they are because they aren’t the drivers who accompanied the Khan
Nameless they are because they aren’t the victims of human rights violations
Nameless they are because they are the MEN IN UNIFORM.

                  - Anonymous

                   From a bone cushing bunker
                  His soul riddled with the volley of unnamed bullets
                  Who have pierced the bodies of our own

The story behind this- This poem is written by one of the serving officer of the Indian Army who wished to remain anonymous because the soldiers feel the loss of their comrades and they speak for all because they all go through this and I am here as a medium to only share this. It is this anger and disappointment which sometimes seeps in the words of the soldier when 20 souls perished in the manipur attacks and more so happen at every corner of the country but no one pays heed.

Have you ever risen above the politics of the country , vote bank and given this thing a thought??For soldiers who were still young , but laid down their lives for the country and what did they got? Nothing... 

The men who perished
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