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Heroes: I`m coming home

I am coming home

To the mustard fields, the lane to my village, to my beloved home.

Leaving behind the icy mountains of siachen, the deserts of rajasthan, the jungles of the northeast.

I lived my passion, I served my country till the last bit of courage in me battling terrorists, extremists and the enemy.

I have stood guard 24x7 , forgoing my sleep to make sure the country sleeps in peace, giving it my all for that piece of tricolor fluttering in the wind.

I have seen civilians treat us as angels when we saved their lives, let me remain a soldier for I don’t want to be treated as god.

I have seen tears in their eyes, tears of being saved , of gratitude, emotions which could only be conveyed by eyes.

I am a soldier- on land, water and even air.

Served for peace- whether for the nation or for international peace missions.

I made lifelong friends, lifetime bonds with my comrades.. those who would live with me forever.

I express my gratitude to those who saved me during war and made me realize that I am watched over by gods during battle.

I need not fear anything, it’s the foes who would fear now.

I have shed tears over losing my comrades, I am human too.. Now I shed tears as I leave this force.

Now I am coming home.

Sitting in an arm chair in my home, I remember the wars I fought, my comrades who lived to tell the tale and those dear ones whom I paid my last respects.

Those who went missing and never have been heard till now, those who are locked up in prisons in nations far and I doubt whether I would be able to see them alive or not… I remember all.

I survived gunshot wounds, explosions and heavy enemy fire, will I be able to survive this void now?

I will miss the camaraderie I shared with my fellow comrades in the evening as I sip a cup of tea prepared by my wife.

Now I can listen to her complaints of being away from her for so long, I would love her to talk now and gorge on the dishes she prepares.

I am the same, my spirit is unchanged too... But my world has turned upside down, I miss those borders I guarded for so long.

It was tough to retire from something that you had grown used to but now my heart is filled with many emotions - leaving my comrades behind isn't easy.

I am coming home to my family now – people who have sacrificed a lot for me.

My wife who battled long periods of separation without complaints for she knew that I was fulfilling my oath to protect the nation.

My siblings who used to miss me at every celebration at home.

My parents who dreamt of seeing their son after long and prayed everyday for my safety.

My children who used to miss me at their school gatherings and yet say proudly “ My dad is a soldier” when asked why I was not there.

Now its time for me to do another duty- be near to all those who matter to me.

I watch the sun set in the distant horizon and feel it shows my life before me…setting down to come up again tomorrow.

In a few years I would be a veteran to speak with the medals on my uniform speaking a lot of unspoken words.

I don't know if I would ever be able to express myself again.

Memories keep haunting me, suddenly everything seems to be lost all of a sudden.

Something feels hollow deep inside me now but I am home, home at last.

Like I am reborn, but I would always remain a soldier at heart.

I begin my second life now, now I am home.

The story behind this - Inspired by Skylar grey`s song lyrics line “ I `m coming home”, this poem is an attempt to showcase the homecoming of the soldier after his distinguished service in the forces. Its about every soldier who has served in the Indian armed forces and is now deemed to begin his retired life after active duty.

Its our turn to say Thank You to the soldiers who have braved extreme weather conditions, long spells of separation from the family while they were protecting the country for us. Its time they return home to their families while they remember the days they spent .

This is the 1st write up written in collaboration with Ila Garg..
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