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Indiblogger: When the families had a blast !!!

“कुछ समय पहले की बात है ”...arrey na na.this is no children`s story you are reading. It all started one fine day when a few blogger pals got super excited and proposed a meet in the sweating june heat. Confidence itna ki last ball par 10 runs bhi bana dein.
Sadly there was no meet coming up. But like they say “ जब कुछ पागल कुछ करने की सोचते हैं तो कुछ हो ही जाता है ". Don’t know whose prayer god heard that HP came up with another meet this Saturday at Gurgaon. Definitely not mine, I am still asking him for... J . Anyways, it was by pure luck that i got the notification through twitter...ha, who said twitter is all bakwaas?? The moment i shared this news on facebook, all hell broke loose and requests poured in to me to change the day and time. I had a tough time explaining them that i was not the organiser and was merely spreading the word. Even contacting Prateek, got the sad news that he and his happy session would not be there this time due to prior commitments. Dil toot gaya *sniff*.. Saturday was a tough day for me but then i decided to go as i remembered someone telling me “Enjoy what you have right now instead of looking too far in the future buddy”. I trusted my inner calling this time too. I wanted permission re boss se nahin, dil se ..JWith a few confirmations from a few friends i was ready for this meet as it was all family this time. “Bring the family along” said the theme...Yep, let them see ki hum yahaan kitni masti aur paagalpan karte hain... Moreover, i wanted to see the reaction and masti of the small children in such a gathering. Diwali was surely gonna come in June this time with such lovely crackers and sparkles of all ages.

On Saturday the destination was Guru Dronacharya. The venue was just adjacent to the metro station. With my pal Dhirendra made an entry while my other friend Abhishek was coming with his mom. Stroding upto where all the people were standing , Shock no. 1- Quite a few actually recognised me..Ouch..Man, how did this happen? Its only my 3rd meet..was quiter in the first one, just talked a little in the second..My social network antics are surely gonna land me up on a “wanted” list soon. Shock no. 2- This time we were quite early..only a few people.There were quite a few families and the little children. So sweet, enjoying themselves oblivious to their surroundings. Once we sat down and began introducing ourselves to each other round the table, Anoop came up with a unique thing for the kids.

The youngest winner
Enquiring about the age, the youngest one who was 1.5 years old won himself a HP speaker..Yes, a prize just for being “sabse chota”...he must not have realised what he won but it surely made things started off wonderfully well. My table missed out on a prize as Dhirendra`s sis was not there yet and there was a prize for “ the brother who brought his sister along”. Khaali haath reh gaye hum.


Next came up the “pick a number and win” task. The winners this again...winning 500/- each. I think that there were 2 kids who won that. Seeing that my mind started singing “ हम भी अगर बच्चे होते, नाम हमारा होता बबलू , indiblogger कहती आओ और सारे इनाम और पैसे हमारे होते " Then a different kind of singing competition started on the song “Old Mac Donald had a farm iya iya o...” 4 different animals were there- the zebras, the lions, the puppies and the chickens. Who sang the loudest was the aim in their respective animal impersonalisations but it never got that far. Every animal got stuck in their own version of the song...some were too soft, some forgot the lyrics, some were way loud some on mute mode.


In the end it was a zoo out there..the end result- 
Zebras made sounds which only they knew. We had no idea.
Lions sounded like tame ones.
Chickens were heard like they were out of the barn.
Some puppies were loud enough to bark, some looked like they had been stomped on their tail. It was damn hilarious. Then came up the 30 secs of fame. 


No..i didn’t get the chance this time but 3 friends from my table got it. It more than made up for it. This crazy `Loveguru` is quite known. Then came up the sponsors HP again. Indiblogger came up with the idea that the tweet about the craziest thing you have done in your childhood wins you a printer. So the Hp people began telling how Hp next gen printers can help enhance creativity and all that stuff. There was also some info about a POGO contest and Murtaza stood up and queried about his registration failing everytime he sent an sms and so far he had sent 100 sms...Basically i think he was trying to ask for a refund for the sms magar bechara keh nahin paa raha tha.. 150/- is not a big amount..I understand that J.


Guess what?? He won the printer too on his tweet about getting scolded in school exchanging big babool stickers. 50 paise ki chewing gum ne 5000 /- ka printer jita diya..Bhai now asking for 150/- doesn’t look cool. Companies charge shipping cost to customers, customers don’t ask for shipping payments from companies. Put that amount in bad debts yaar.

Next they had a small presentation on how printers can be used for arts/crafts and various other stuff. We thought all was done but the fun was yet to begin... we were supposed to make groups of 15 and organise a birthday party and decorate it with a theme. One person was supposedly appointed as the Project manager and all frenzy broke out when the material was handed out as we had only 25 minutes to do that.

The themes were- Pirates, Mermaid, Little man, Space Travellers, Circus, Rainbow. Everybody got to work like crazy – balloons blowing up, danglers being prepared, labels cut, streamers flying over the place, candles, straws, cup cakes...just everything you can imagine. The only thing that there was 6 parties being planned at one place and that too at such a short notice. It was all chaos. We were the rainbow ones so it was a fairly simple task making everything colourful as a rainbow but a task creating a vibrant of colours from the limited stock available. We sat out to work. Girls taking up the colouring and decorating stuff with colours while we guys got down with scissors, danglers, streamers and balloons. When everything was done, we took pics of our colourful table. Forgetting about decorating ourselves, we quickly put streamers around our necks as garlands and as bandanas.


Other teams also put up impressive displays with innovative uses of chairs and everything. Every team had a story behind the theme and all. The “mermaid” won that. Dont know whether it was because of the mermaid there or because of Mansi who looked like a mermaid herself..There was a prize for best online decorative table pic posted on twitter. We won that. Bloody twitter jammed on my cell and i could not post even one pic. The project manager got a printer as a prize. The “Pirates” too won...but hey, what about the other 14 members who put in the same effort in everything...Indiblogger cheated on that count.. I object to this unfair treatment L . Apna bhi din aayega, phir dekhenge.

We packed off after this this and the group pic. Well , during the break, i came to know that that i was not so unknown at these meets as i had initially thought. It was an amazing experience for the first timers as well. चंद लम्हें कितनी खुशियाँ देते हैं , यह यहाँ आकर पता चलता है ... Waiting for the next meet...untill the next time...everytime...
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  1. Amazing write up... loved the abundance of wit and humour. It's even more amzaing ke itni kam time main itna cmplete experience... kuch bhi toh nahi chora tumne... just incredible. And thanks for making the win even more special.

    All the Best for the post-event contest.

    Btw, it was Aashish Jain and not me who wanted the POGO Refund!!! :-)

  2. ab bhai tere se promise kiya to kar bhi diya... win to tujhe chewing gum ne dilaayi...maine kya kiya?

    Aur waise bhi kaunsa asshish ko refund milne hi wala hai?

  3. Very charming and descriptive! Almost makes me want to attend the next IndiBlogger meet!

  4. thank you...yep...come and enjoy...these meets are addictive...

  5. Thanks for sharing this experience. I enjoyed your descriptions.

  6. Quite a description there... exhaustive, I'd say... loved reading this post.

    Arvind Passey

  7. Amazing post. A to Z of the event! I have to admit, your post inspired me to write one too :)

    Best of all, you have pictures of all the 5 teams and their Birthday tables.


  8. felt great to know that it inspired you to write tanya :)

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