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Eda Yildiz & Serkan Bolat- The love quotes from Sen Cal Kapimi

My last post was about Eda and Serkan in a way- that romantic couple from the Turkish series Sen Cal Kapimi. It was my 2nd foreign series to watch after The Mentalist. I was so awed by the strong emotions about love in this series that I re- watched the series multiple times to pull together a compilation of all the romantic lines in the series I felt would showcase love in its entirety…plus you might want to watch it yourself too to get the context of the whole scene.

All dialogues taken from the various subtitles so might not be really accurate.

  • Serkan- I think you cant get any more beautiful.

  • Serkan- Fairy girl, can you forgive me?

  • Eda- It is not so difficult to tell a woman that you want her , Serkan bolat

  • Serkan- Cant let you go Eda.
        Eda- Let me go
        Serkan- No
        Eda- I am fed up, you don’t understand me?
       Serkan- Are you fed up ? Be assured , I am fed up. You are constantly in my head, in my every thought. You took over my brain, my life.
        I am fed up Eda

  • Serkan- As long as you are there, its only you

  • Serkan- Its about me. The problem is that I considered myself worthy of an angel like her. Half of my soul is her. If she knew that I love her more than anyone and everything.

  • Eda- In life you cannot replace me with anyone

  • Eda- Do you want me to leave? Because you were scared of the girl who loved you more than anything else

  • Serkan- Eda I love you so much that in order to not upset you, I took the risk of losing you.

  • Serkan- Don’t go away.
        Eda- Serkan
        Serkan- Didn’t you say…if you don’t want me to go say, “don’t leave”?
        And I am telling you now - don’t leave

  • Serkan- The most beautiful thing is to be by your side

  • Serkan- Since we met, everything I thought right turned out to be wrong. I did what I said will not do. You showed me a completely different horizon. Turned my life upside down. All these years I have been looking for stars in the sky but when you appeared in my life , I realised the bright star I was looking for was infront of me.

  • Serkan- If you keep talking, I would always listen to you

  • Serkan- I am also angry because there is something in my life that is angry with me.                                                                                                                            Kiraz- Did you also break glass.                                                                        Serkan- I did something worst

  • Serkan- Seriously if I could, I would go back in time. Because after you left , I lost everything. You were my everything.

  • Serkan- Eda I am a person who is used to being alone. 
        I`ve been lonely all my life.
        After my brother died, I was lonely.
        I was lonely at school, at work….I was always lonely.
        But then you showed up.
        You appeared in my life and everything changed.
        But then you left my life..... and after you left, for 5 years I stayed with your 
 memories and hallucinations about you.
        Therefore be as angry as you want...... but don’t tell me you forgot me because its very difficult for me.

  • Eda- Close your eyes
        Serkan- I love to look at you

  • Eda- I missed you
        Serkan- Say it again
        Eda- I missed you
        Serkan- I missed you too. You know when you get angry Eda Yildiz appears,  which I like even better.

  • Eda- This is our first ring right, you kept it?
        Serkan- I kept everything concerning you

  • Serkan- Eda Yildiz
        The most beautiful star on the planet.
        The most beautiful woman in the world.
        The most magical fairy.
        You have bewitched me.
        My mind, my soul, my heart- I give to you.
        Will you marry me?

  • Kemal- You are the only one that managed to make them friends Eda
        You did your best to keep them together. They need you.
        Before you, Serkan was not friends with anyone. He was a lonely man. We are like butterflies that circle around the world, i.e. you.

  • Eda- I love you madly Serkan Bolat
        Serkan- Our feelings are mutual madam

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