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Music : I crossed the Indian music boundary in search of music #musicbringslife

Music – Something which acts as a stressbuster for all but now I feel that it has gone past its prime. Ask any Indian music lover and most would still term the yesteryear`s music adorned by known names such as Mohd. Rafi, Kishore Kumar, KL Saigal, Lata Mangeshkar etc. I am sure that south Indian movies must also be having such legends ( I am currently unaware of any names due to 0 knowledge about the music there). The only name I am am very well aware is  SP Balasubramaniyam who voiced Salman in many years. 

Had this question been raised quite a few years back that which kind of music soothes me, I would have been dumbfounded without any reason but now I can say that which kind of music soothes me. It is mostly English now. Before you term me as another of the “ Angrezi” gen. here is what not there in Hindi music now so as to soothe my mind. Leaving aside the classical movie music , the current lot is bleh to say the least. There is not a movie which has songs which are all good, now the focus is just on 1-2 songs which become chartbusters and the singers become stars because of that. I cant remember any album which I purchased lately because of all of its songs (no downloading, the real purchase). The singer and music director combo which I am used to liking doesn’t work together now (Sonu Nigam and Shankar Ehsaan Loy) or for even that matter Udit Narayan, Kumar Sanu etc. You can say that the music was good only till 2000-2002 then it got to selective melodious songs being created. 

The Indipop scene is really dead now with only few selected names around . Kumar Sanu`s Tera mera pyaar was awesome too. I know I had my daily fix of shaan`s Tanha dil for years on end. I grew up listening to Junoon`s Sayonee, Euphoria`s Maaeri , Aryaans and others. Years back I heard Parikrama for the 1st time, they were good. Even today when I get time I listen to Strings (the Pakistani band) and their old and melodious compositions.. They did wonders with the songs for the movies Spiderman, Zinda and something equally melodious and along those lines was Sanam`s song Main hoon for Amazing Spiderman 2. I longe for that kind of music now which cant be found. Don’t name Honey singh for me.

Ghazals – the next best thing which I love whole as a music category. I love listening to Jagjit Singh and Talat Aziz. Sajda was the first ghazal album I loved like crazy and since then I have gone backwards in exploring that genre. Years back radio city used to air a programme by a anchor called Karan Singh who used to run ghazals and I used to love that ( before love guru started as its replacement). Ghazals performed live / in concerts seem more melodious to me than elsewhere. For me the song, “ Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar” from the movie Arth performed by Jagjit Singh in Albert Hall in Australia is much much more melodious than the movie version. That’s why I love the performance versions of classical songs and ghazals.

The Hindi music section stops here. For english my favourites go into Rock music. My favourite band is the Finland one “ Poets of the Fall”. The main culprit for this has to be the hit game Max Payne and the now epic song “ Late Goodbye” . I was addicted to it and then went through some more songs. Another band has to be Linkin Park due to their song and music appearances in transformers. I have discovered more bands this way and still continuing. I watch movies and if I find some melodious song by a singer, I discover more about the rest of the songs. Recently discovered Demi Lovato when I listened to her song “ Let it go” from the movie Frozen. 

Another category which is my absolute favourite is what you call as Electronica. Its truly wow. I heard “ Dualistic Inquiry” and his hit track Isoterra and was literally blown away by that. Dualistic Inquiry is my fav. in this category. Electronica probably gives me the melody I look for. 

As you can see that I have ventured to this side of the music border now and I am really discovering and soothing my mind with the various genres of music. One fact remains the same- my mind auto detects the melody within the first 10 secs. If I feel some melodious connect, I listen to it otherwise its move on the next song / genre. 

Care to suggest me something along these genres???

Music : I crossed the Indian music boundary in search of music #musicbringslife Music : I crossed the Indian music boundary in search of music #musicbringslife Reviewed by Shwetabh on 9:51:00 PM Rating: 5

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