The places where moments reside

WOW: My story in 10 sentences.

A journey of sorts, a journey of places.

Meeting new people, making new friends and my own share of memories

Facing hurdles, challenges and facing them while beaten , bruised and hurt I was.

Engulfed by highs and lows of life, many a times at the crossroads of life thinking if that was what I wanted from life or if I wanted anything.

Breaking the shackles of rules and opinions of society, living the way I developed of my own.

Along came an angel who made me believe that the heart melts, emotions become unexpressed and silence engulfs.

She made me realize emotions are complicated, I am strong yet shy when she makes her presence felt.

Her aura so strong that the pain of her absence is still an ally at night while I miss her in places , new or old.

Life taking such tests that I get more into my shell, venturing out wearing a mask while veils my state of mind.

The emotions being like a wild forest fire engulfing everything in its path, needing a firebreak, doused only by the flow of ink on a piece of paper.

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WOW: My story in 10 sentences. WOW: My story in 10 sentences. Reviewed by Shwetabh on 10:28:00 PM Rating: 5


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  2. Life offers so much to us but living the way we develop of our own, well, that needs some guts. Nice read!