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Sen Cal Kapimi - Eda and Serken love story

This series has nothing new to offer..Nothing new. It is the same story which has been done numerous times in various romance novels where 2 people who truly hate each other enter into a fake engagement to make their exes/fiancée jealous in the hope of winning them back.

What it has to offer are the emotions shown on screen. If you are a fan of old school/ candyfloss romance then both season 1 and 2 have to offer something. Eda Yildiz is probably the most fiery/ strong character I have seen. She conveys everything with her eyes and the tone of her voice. Be it pure hate, love., jealousy …it is all conveyed perfectly. She is the perfect storm in the sea of Serkan Bolat. Although there comes a times when viewers can get tired of their on screen on and off love and hate relationship with such ease that we really wonder if falling in and out of love is that easy in real life.

Serkan Bolat is the kind of hard rock who probably has no emotions initially as there was just no eda to challenge him. How the fake game transpired to real conditions is somewhat believable. Happens with a lot of men who have not experienced love ever before in the way she challenges him. He can be portrayed as heartless having pushed Eda away from himself and making her hate him but the men who fall in love so madly with someone can push them away if they sense something wrong can happen.

Where the magic shines is when both of them become really possessive about each other in season 1. The phase of season 2 is probably the best emotion wise. Really lucky are those who get their love back even after all these years. The determination of Serkan to win Eda back no matter what – I am glad the writers did that. The specific instances which I remember were the best romance and emotion wise was the love for them before the crash, the fight in the bar which brought the memory back. The video where he sees Kiraz grow up and what Eda went through really brought tears to the tears, seconded to see him wearing a astronaut suit before he goes to the birthday party.

Later he becomes possessive about her, rightly as a king should be regarding his queen. Some of the best romantic dialogues which I have heard in quite sometime are there in this series. The memory flashbacks are the best when it comes to love.

Its aptly called “Love is in the Air” . If you believe even .01% in the emotion called love, watch it and fall in love. It maybe clichéd in places but accept the fact that we really want our Eda/Serken in our individual lives.

Sen Cal Kapimi - Eda and Serken love story Sen Cal Kapimi - Eda and Serken love story Reviewed by Shwetabh on 9:13:00 AM Rating: 5

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