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UC Browser : Where cricket goes on your fingertips, superfast

Cricket – Its more of a religion and passion here rather than being just a sport. Be it any match in India or else, someone, somewhere would be all hooked up to watch either the latest score, streaming and the related info.

Problems arise when the so called passion clashes with the normal routine of our daily lives. Life has so much to give in one single day both professionally and personally which needs to be taken care off as well but on the flip side you have cricket as well. You cant miss out on the small things life gives you but then also you don’t want to miss out on cricket otherwise wherever you are sitting , your mind would always be diverted to, “ Whats the score?” . That just might ruin the perfect setting wherever you are.

The solution to this dilemma is probably here now with the UC Browser which has a cricket service called as UC Cricket which makes sure that I am never away from the game and all the information related to cricket is at my fingertips. Not all mobile browsers are adept at fast streaming and quick loading times so the UC browser comes as a boon which uses a data compression technique which makes it easier to load and also consumes less data on my plan so that cricket viewing does not burn a hole in my pocket.

The fact that its available for all platforms of operating systems of mobiles means that I don’t have to worry if I carry a different mobile phone anyday. I would be rest assured that I wont miss a thing. The UC cricket service is really a treasure trove for cricket fanatics like me . With the upcoming schedules of all cricket matches from all around the world, I can easily pick what I want to watch or what to keep my eye on. Clicking on the particular match would take me to the updated score and ball by ball commentary. A faster browser and an even faster score updation, what more does one want?

A yellow bell type icon also serves as a reminder for my favourite matches to come. A reminder 15 minutes before the start of the match would mean that I wont miss a thing. Whether I am hanging out with my friends, working or on a date with my girlfriend, I don’t have to worry about missing cricket as I can always watch the exciting moments later on or as the time permits at that moment. Friends have an interest in sports, but not girlfriends. They want your undivided attention but my attention is already divided by cricket happenings. The UC cricket would make sure that she remains happy with the time I give her and I also don’t have to take out my phone to know the score and such repeatedly.
 In the same way I share all the cricket related info with my friends while spending more time with them instead of peeping into the phone every now and then waiting for the videos to stream or the match scores to load after ages. I can also comment my views with the various other cricket lovers around the world….

UC cricket makes sure that I can spend all the time with the people who matter to me while also being connected to cricket…

For know more on UC Browser head here ,  to go to cricket directly click

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