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If I could be any character from a book or movie....

If you could be any character from a book or movie, who would you be and why? 

Ok so this would be no sugar coated answer or trying to be perfect but the truth.. If I could be any character from a movie , I would definitely be Akash from Dil Chahta Hai. He is sort of the guy I really wanted to be since my schooldays when this movie was released in 2001. He is confident, doesnot want to lead his life in a boring, scheduled way which is what I was the exact opposite of. He showed me the way to be confident and taking life as it comes. He is always there for his close friends which is very rare in today`s times to see such kind of a bond. 

The best thing is he has the care and love for shalini – a thing which I always say in real life that you have to be on the brink of really losing the one person you love, to understand the real meaning of pain and love you probably not might not have felt before. Its absolutely magical to have him confess his love for her in the climax of the movie, something which I would love to experience it myself too… that pain in the song before that , the realisation that all your pre conceived notions about love are falling apart and yes you are falling in love and by the time you probably realise it, she`s gone. 

Really speaking, probably I want to be Akash is because maybe I want my very own Shalini, a girl who can destroy all my pre notions and change me a bit for the better. What better way to be go get your girl by baring your heart out when you know that you have one of your best friend around with you for support. If I could summarise it in few words it would be due to an attempt for having all those positive qualities which I don’t have and ofcourse… for falling in love with someone and never letting her go… 

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  1. Unfortunately I have not watched this movie so I have no idea about the characters but with whatever you have written, may be sometime in life I may watch this movie. Thank you Shwetabh for your post and making it a part of my blog's birthday celebration. Best wishes.