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Decoding the mystery of #EkNayiLeague

Somethings are just priceless. A world cup winning Indian captain who took an underdog team in the biggest tournament of yesteryears , with no hopes, into world champions. The allrounder who bailed the team out of trouble with a swashbuckling 175 , running for his life to take a catch with utmost ease and triggering a collapse never seen before.

The allrounder whose deadly outswingers would castle even the best…That’s Kapil dev for you. A highly respected player and allrounder, he is back with a new league but what is the league all about is the whole mystery to be deciphered. Twitter is delighted with his presence now there too but even to the twitter people he is not giving any hints as to what the new league is.

Looks like I am back into the age of Indiana Jones where mysteries have to be solved by clues or even the same as the Nicholas cage starrer movie National Treasure. Kapil Dev is so mysterious with his secret that it would go down to the wire to be able to unravel the mystery. You can count on him to bring you something new everytime. Looking at the various hints he has dropped in the teaser videos, the first guess would be that it has something to do with money because in one of the videos he talks about how Yuvraj Singh was the highest sold player in the IPL and he was delighted to hear the news and in his own playing days there was not so much money as it is now in the sports. 

A clear revealing of his twitter handle shows the fact that he has asked virtually every Indian player in his tweets (whomsoever is on twitter) to be a part of his nayi league. That could mean only one thing that whatever league he is planning has got to do with cricket. Cricket is synonymous with Kapil Dev. So that makes it clear until here that it is a league about cricket which rewards in amount of money ( got to make the assumption that it would be huge amounts of money for the winners). The fact that he is asking both the sportspersons and the public to come and join him means that here both of them would be playing the league. It would be a participation of both.

The last and the most important hint that he gives in the video is that “ if you play with your heart, you are going to be hitwicket”. Ouch.. a hitwicket means that it would be instant game over for the person which that person uses the heart. Yes, so that leaves us with the only option that this league makes the use of the brain here. It can be related to the knowledge about the sport. 

Putting together all the hints that he has given in the videos I can say that this league is about cricket which has both sportspersons and the public as participants where knowledge might be tested and a big cash reward would be given to the winners of this league. 

Until the launch of the league, its just wait and watch for us. 

Visit the league here:
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  1. it's not about cricket, Mr.Kapil is coming up with trading platform of share broking.