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Meeting Manreet Someshwar

Its always exciting to go for a book launch when you have been expecting a book launch for months, literally pestering the author on details. “ When is your second one coming?”...its all that I used to ask her . Her is here Manreet Someshwar. When I had got hold of The Taj Conspiracy, i had finished it in just 2 days flat and was eagerly awaiting her next release. Not to mention that I was in love with Mehrunisa, the female character of the book. I thought, history looked so boring in school, here in this book it just captures you.

When I heard that the second book was coming up soon...( soon was 6 months back ), I used to pesture Manreet with the repeat question.. “When??When??When” and I still remember her reply , “ Shaant gadadhaari bheem , Shaant”. Looked like she had sensed my eagerness and my craziness for something that was good. I had never thought that i`ll be ever be able to meet her in person, but it was a wish soon answered. It was the second launch of the book “ The hunt for the kohinoor”. I only saw the trailer of it when it was launched, being busy left me no time to engage in any contests or things like that. I only wanted to meet her and get an Autographed copy. That was all. Taking off from office early at the start of the week for a book launch is never easy, especially when its not your book.

Glancing the watch at 5.10 pm for a 6 pm launch, I set off from Kailash Colony metro station to Cafe Turtle, N Block, GK 1. Asking for directions, turning down requests from auto wallahs because they thought it was far and I wont be able to walk that distance ( wrong assumption). It was cold outside but the venue warm. Nice change. After being stuck up with weather and the usual jams of delhi, Manreet showed up. By the gathering there, I initially felt nervous because i was expecting Saumya , my friend and another admirer there but she had some work and couldn`t make it.

Manreet was making introductions, at the moment i spoke my name there was a twinkle in her eyes.. Finally i get to meet her in person and she gets to meet me, the person who would make life tough for her on twitter about the book and all usual things. A discussion started with her , by Jai Arjun Singh about her, book, characters and all that. Not wanting to let Saumya miss out, i resorted to tweeting so that she could know what happened here.. i was my chance to be lucky.

I found Manreet a totally different person from her character Mehrunisa. Mehroo is the tough lady, the lara croft types she describes. Manreet is the gentle one. Its a tough job writing thrillers and when she started narrating the time frame it takes her to complete a book ( 5 years was minimum she said i think)..i was like Wow, thats a huge time , not to mention the extensive research and history knowledge it takes. Coming from the traditional school of writing as I may call her that using Pencil and Register is how she described she writes. Using different coloured sticks –ons for character interactions is how she tried to visualise everything to make sure it didnt get one character heavy. Pink coloured ones for one character, yellow for another and so on gives a better idea about how much character is loaded in one book.

A bit of creative liberty used, especially when you cant verify all the facts today (due to security issues). She seems to bring thoughts and expressions right from her own childhood. As we all do, when we write we use our time as a reference card to get things in place. Same is with her. Plus she`s a Galib and Gulzar fan..She recited a quote from Galib which I dont remember but it was just awesome. Although the interaction about her book did last just 1 hour about her, about her life, writing and so all...its was fun and interesting nevertheless. It was also because I wanted to know about Manreet Someshwar, the person in general and not as the author. That made it more easy for me. The end result- A very humble, soft spoken lady i came to know.

Shocks came later on, she remembers Saumya quite well and even our group although she cant make it when we meet. (she`s hongkong based and we friends here). Departing after some warmth on the chilly night, back to the metro station, with an autographed copy and a face to face meet with her, i seemed like a perfect evening going exactly as planned. Just waiting to see it if any of her books make it into movies and Katrina coming on screen as Mehrunisa. That`s how i want it... Other than that, lets see what happens next ?

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