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My #LifeDeathBucketList : 10 things to do before I sleep forever

Ice bucket challenge - the so called phenomena seems a bit of strange to me and so when Indiblogger gave me a chance to write my #lifedeathbucketlist, I jumped on the chance to list something I really want to do / or want it to happen. So here is my wishlist, It might seem crazy to the first timers but those who know me would know what I want really-

1. Visit to an Air Force Base - Not for trespassing by any means but I realllly want to visit this. There is something about this force which has kept me fascinated right through my childhood.. the Air warriors in Blue, the lethal machines, the weaponery everything... just so overwhelmed that I find it tough to name all that. I can just go on and on...

2. Visit an Army base- Although the Air Force remains my first love, the army is also not far behind in that regard. I would love to visit these men of honour and interact with them.


3. Go on a trek- I love to travel and explore nature. There is something awesome about exploring the untouched hidden places nature has to offer. A lot of my friends have gone on trekking, exporing places without disturbances of any kind. I would also like to see the magic of trekking when I have no one else to disturb me..all by myself or tag an equally enthusiastic friend along

4. Visit the Northern Lights- I remember reading about them in my Geography class during my schooltime years back but what really got me hooked was the Karizma ad on tv which really showed me that how beautiful it looks.

5. Try Mexican cuisine - I am not a biggg foodie but I am always ready to explore different tastes with the only condition- chatpata , masaaledaar hona chahiye. What I have heard from people around me is that Mexican cuisine comes rally close to the Indian food when it comes to spices, herbs...yummy... Imagine me finding a mexican equivalent of the Indian Aloo chaat.

6. Continue writing - I wish to continue writing the "Heroes" series for as long as possible. The history of this series is quite known now and it is very close to my heart. I started this as a tribute to the Indian Defence forces, letting the people come close to the men in uniform. I have had some success in this regard and that is why I want to make sure that this story continues.

7. Meet Katrina Kaif - Yesss... you have read right. I have been in love with her for more than a decade now and nothing would be more happier for me than to meet this diva personally and atleast spend a day with her.

8. Meet Kapil dev and Anil Kumble - The two legends of Indian cricket. Although I watch Formula 1 now having left watching cricket around 2002 but these are two persons whom I can watch bowl and create terror. Kapil paji`s outswingers and Kumble`s legcutters, googlies, flippers have castled even the best of the batsmen. Who can forget " Jumbo" bowling with a fractured jaw in West Indies and getting Brian Lara, not to forget tht 10/ 74 against arch rivals Pakistan.


9. Learn cooking- The very basic and simple of my wish. I damn want to learn cooking but luck is not on my side. My mother hasn`t allowed me much in the kitchen trying to make up something and other relatives have taunted me saying, " काश तुम कुछ बना सकते "...he he :) . I cant even cut something properly. The only time I attended a cookery class was in my schooltime when I was in class 7. There are so many experiements with food in my mind which I want to carry out.

10. Visit all the romantic places of the world- The especially emphasis is on the romantic places as I am a die hard romantic person and would like to travel all such places and see what romantic connect they have with me. Its romance all around.

Now this is my DeathwishList...What is yours ?? 

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  1. Nice... Specially the last one...!! Wish you succeed in getting all wishes fulfilled.

    You can read mine at -

  2. Thats quite an interesting and varied wishlist there. I agree that Mexican food looks and tastes Indian - colorful! Trekking is my wish too and I hope that I learn cooking soon!!!