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Ebay India: When your money drowns, expect no help

Online shopping is a minefield and the moment you misstep, it can go ka-boom. I have also been doing this for years and its always a learning experience for me, coming across some of the most unprofessional big names in the e commerce industry. Some reach out when you tell them what wrong they did and they rectify it asap with profound apologies and some others think the customers to be fools and keep playing with them. I have had experiences with flipkart, infibeam, amazon and they were quick to respond with solutions but there is an old player on the block who is just not ready to help me out and is instead delaying the matter since 6 months and that culprit is – Ebay India.

Here`s what had happened. In Sept. 2015 I was looking for an original HP pavilion battery for my laptop. The market cost was close to 5000 at that time and after a bit of searching I found out the battery at ebay with a seller for 2500-2700 I guess. I had already bought a laptop battery from this seller in the past so I knew that he was a genuine seller. In the world of compatible and so called original batteries I searched the battery by the battery model number EV06. In 2008 , dv 2000 series used to come with the battery model number, now after 7 years the whole nomamclature changed. I even talked to the seller and he told me that the battery is original and that is where the whole thing went bonkers. I received the package within 5 days and when I tried it, it didn’t fit as the powerpoint was not where it was supposed to be. Immediately rang up the seller and he said that that EV06 battery numbers now are used for the newer hp models of dv6 and above.

The thing with this seller is that you ship him the product, and he sends you a replacement asap he receives it and the courier so borne is reimbursed on producing the slip on the mail. After an agonizing wait of another 7 days in total, I received my correct battery. I incurred a courier expense of 205 in this whole fiasco. That dispatch from my side was on 30 sept 2015. In the meantime I had sent the seller attachement of the courier slip by mail but he did not reply, calling him he told me to file a ebay guarantee claim and he would reimburse the money. In the meantime I had to go go out of station with some work and the listing expired (it was a private listing which can be of a short duration) and when I got back from all my work it was too late to do anything. I tried emailing the seller, his gmail id was not answering mails, ebay message box was over quota. 

My money still stuck

C`mon my 200 bucks were stuck and I could not do anything. I contacted ebay and apprising them of the whole matter requested them to contact the seller and ask him to reimburse me my money. Even sent them copy of the slip by mail, tweet. Ebay acted as if they are so much of a customer service company but no…its an illusion. Been more than 6 months but they are giving just one standard reply that they are looking into the matter and would let me know soon.

अब चूतिया किसी और को बनाना बे. अपने ही seller से contact करके उससे 200 देने में इतने महीने लगते हैं? हर समय बहानेबाजी और नाटक. शराफत से बात की तो समझ नहीं आ रहा? पूरी दुनिया हिंदी की यह लाइन्स पढ़ेगी तो सारी अक्कल ठिकाने आ सकती है, वैसे उम्मीद ही कम है क्यूंकि दुनिया वैसे भी इनको चोर और ठग पहले ही समझती है... अंग्रेजी शायद अनपढ़ों को समझ न आये तो शायद हिंदी में माँ बहन कुछ अलग कर दे. दो कौड़ी की सर्विस की भी हद होती है....

My request to all consumers to be beware of ebay when it comes to conflict resolution. They wont help you when things are too simple to be rectified in an instance. Looks like my money went down in the drain. 

The seller- Laptopgallery10 from Ahmedabad.
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