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Namastey London: the movie which made me crazy

Namastey London is one movie which left me spellbound for the whole length of 2 n half hours of the movie time....first of all,why did it end??? could it not have gone on and on and on....i don`t mind sitting in the hall. I am not a movie critic who would write an anlysis of the movie which i see but this is one such movie which had to be written about.I do not know from where to start.Katrina just sizzles up the screen by her presence,pure 2.3 hrs. of katrina,katrina and only katrina unlike HDKG where she appeared in tits and bits.Her beauty in this film surpasses all of her earlier ones.Good thing that she dubbed in her own voice as it brings authencity and originality in her character.Akshay just shares an awesome chemistry with her.Without him nothing could have been possible.Rishi kapoor is just excellent in his role as jazz`s father and also jawed sheikh who plays upen`s.

Comedy is somthing which is inherent in this movie and also some scenes which you want to see again,again and again.Romance is there in this movie which is conveyed all through the eyes and in upspoken words.The close up shots of akshay and katrina`s eyes and emotions speak up of all the love which is there in the air.The scene where akshay tells katrina," Mujhe tumhe dekhte hi pehli nazar mein hi pyar ho gaya tha" at the start of the song YEHI HOTA PYAR is truly mindblowing.There are a few scenes which touch a chord at your heart either emotionally or comedy wise are great.All the scenes between akshay and rishi kapoor are fabulous.Be it in the park or at the bar.Akshay`s dialogue at the bar to rishi kapoor makes you feel the pain he is going through.

The scenes right from the bachelors in india to arjun`s dadi asking rishi kapoor about katrina when she faints on seeing butter and ghee is just hilarious.The biggest shock katrina gives in the movie comes in the scenes just before the interval where she reveals her intentions during the planning of the reception leave you dumbstruck.The translation scene of akshay and katrina talking to the britishers about the greatness and facts of india is just superb.The whole hall went bonkers at this scene cheering and clapping wildly.The 2nd one was the rugby match where probably i was the loudest in the whole hall cheering and clapping among the others.First thing which makes the scene special is the dialogue between rishi kapoor and jawed sheikh ........

after the ball is snatched from rishi kapoor
rishi kapoor- strategy.....yeh strategy hai
jawed sheikh- kaisi strategy????
rishi kapoor- life saving strategy....jab jaan bachegi tabhi to khelenge
jawed sheikh- wo kahan hai jisne yeh challenge liya hai
rishi kapoor- wo wahan stands mein auraton ke beech mein baithkar popcorn khaa raha hai.

it makes your stomach hurt with laughter.The rugby match could not have been won had it not been for the combined co-ordination between arjun and imran...awesome.....The match draws you into it,letting you forget everything else and you also want the combination of India and pakistan to win.The scene of arjun talking to imran outside the mosque was the most emotional between the 2.It told him about his real identity of what he really is.This and the subsequent scenes to follow this one where imran tells susan`s parents that he will not change his identity and his words to her,"i love you and i want you to love me as I am , not as what yo uwant me to become" deserve a standing ovation...Truly said,a love cannot change your real identity and you must not also do that.26 saal ki apni pehchaan ko 26 hafton ke pyaar ke liye badla nahin jaata.His homecoming also brings tears to the eyes.

Speaking of tears and emotions the dance classes in which arjun says,"Main mazaak nahin kar raha hoon,meri shaadi ho chuki hai aur main dobara shaadi nahin karoonga" tells about his love for jazz.The most lovely scene is that whole one in which he tells her that after some years when they will become old and he will call her to meet him is fab..He describes her emotions better than her and she also can feel what is going through her mind.This one really sums up the emotions.The cinematography in that scene is just too good.What an excellent transition between the present and the future.The last scene is which she says NO is just tremendous.It looked so real,the emotions on her face so good you could sense the feelings in her heart at that moment.Akshay`s no resortment to any "herogiri" is the biggest USP of Namastey London.

Coming on to the music,the biggest and the most surprising star is that english song in the beginning and which is used in the background also from time to time.Without it,i do not thonk that one real emotion would have surfaced.Regarding the songs,although in the cassette my fav. song is RAFTA RAFTA followed by VEERANIYA,MAIN JAHAAN RAHOON and CHAKNA but when speaking in context of actually seeing the song in the movie,in the sitauation YEHI HOTA PYAR emerges the clear winner followed by VEERANIYA and MAIN JAHAN RAHOON.Yehi hota pyar truly shows the love between the two,Veeraniya shows the pain and main jahaan rahoon is all about the memories of india.

Katrina looks fab in all the dresses in the movie,be it western or indian but the one in which she looked drop dead gorgeous was in the yellow dress in the garden with water.She looked truly awesome in indian dresses,be it the one for rafta rafta(orange suit,the red one and the blue one),the first scene with ritesh deshmukh,the orange saree in the wedding.She looks truly fab in salwar suits.The scene where arjun lies to his bebe about jazz made me cry..And i forgot one more thing,She looks just looks great in a pony tail with some hairs falling on her forehead.That makes her look so indian......something just happens in my heart.

A salute to the director for bringing out such a beautiful movie.If you are wondering that how i am able to write all this then note that i wrote all this straight after i came from the hall.In this way i can write all i want without the danger of forgetting something.

Please tell me how was the review as it was all heart and no mind.I am ready to go to the hall to see it "n" number of times.
Namastey London: the movie which made me crazy Namastey London: the movie which made me crazy Reviewed by Shwetabh on 4:53:00 PM Rating: 5

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