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Why DCH is a part of my life ???????

All those people who know me really really well(select friends, relatives and parents) know how much I am crazy about DCH. The craziness exceeds all boundaries but they really do not understand why I do it. Here it is why-

· The times I have watched this movie is well above 850+.

· It is as fresh as the morning breeze everytime.

· This movie showed me that it is not necessary to have dance steps in every song. The song can be completed even with pure emotions. 

· It has the perfect balance between extremes. Neither does it depict the love in extremes like that of devdas, nor friendship as sholay. It knows very well where to draw the line. 

· The music sure does takes you into a trip to heaven.

· I am still searching for those 2 exclusive friends who can barge into my house at midnight at just one call. 

· The joy and emotions of meeting someone after such a long time can only be felt. It cannot be expressed. I know it bcoz I have felt it from my heart whenever I have met someone after a very long time. 

· The music of SEL is truly fab alongwith the lyrics of javed sahab. Some years back when shankar mahadevan came as a contestant on SaReGaMa , listening to his voice and just one one line made me realize that his voice had the magic to make it big but had never imagined the spell he would cast years later through such awesome songs in DCH. 

· My all time fav. Song “ Tanhai” is from this movie. It took SEL 15 min. to prepare the tune for this song ( the longest ever they did it for any song and it is the most toughest one for which they have ever worked…They told this once). 

· The film taught me all about friendship and love.

· And the fact that “ Pyar faisle se nahin kiya jaata, bas ho jaata hai”.

· Enjoying every moment you are with friends, is more like heaven and the most treasured. 

· The sounds effects are awesome. The dialogues looked like they are being spoken to the person watching it and he is also in the same room as the 3 of them. 

·We do need parents who can treat us as friends or someone who can understand our feelings and pain just like our friends would do it...No showing of authority please. (remember akash`s father telling him to go and tell shalini his feelings).Now in which household would you get that response ???? few, very few…

· A guy can go down on his knees, tears in the eyes and can express his feelings to the one girl he loves the most anywhere and also when the situation demands it. 

· Enjoying every moment you are with your friends, is the most treasured and seems like heaven. 

· The kind of respect I have it for this movie is you can say , small letters allowed while writing the name of this movie…..whether it is the full DIL CHAHTA HAI or the short DCH…only block letters allowed. 

· I understood that every girl does have a small heart which can fall in love with someone without informing(we guys are not the only ones who fall in love). 

· Pyar aapko badal nahin sakta…….badal hi deta hai. 

· The 2nd time around Goa seemed more beautiful as I visited all the places shown in the movie….every single one of them(got a chance to go there after 10 years just recently). 

· Life without your best friends can be really boring. 

· Before making fun of others` feelings keep one thing in mind that one day you will also go through the same feelings and then you will experience unbearable pain…

· This movie taught me to have fun with my friends.

· This movie brings everything in reality.. it doesn`t show the characters saying I LOVE YOU to each other in the streets of mumbai and in the next frame we have the dream song(mostly unnecessary) in the slopes of Switzerland with stupid dance steps…

· Jab aankhen hi aapas mein baat kar lein to zubaan ki zaroorat nahin hoti..

· Agar uljhan ya mushkil ke waqt koi puraana yaar saath ho to mushkil apne aap hi kum ho jaati hai aur umeed ka aisa sahara milta hai jo bayaan nahin hota.

· After seeing this movie, I am afraid of loosing my friends……they all met once again after 2 years(akash,sameer and sid) but I do not know when I will meet them(my friends) if I loose them…but be assured of one thing, at any point of our meeting, the joy and the tears in the eyes would be more heart warming alongwith the hug which would be even more tighter than the one between akshay and aamir.

This movie has done it all the time for the others…..a perfect trump card for others to be used against me. It served as an alarm clock. The title track was used(and also even till today) to wake me up from my sound sleep anytime…all you needed to do was to search the tv channel playing that song and I would be wide awake in 5 seconds the moment the song went into my ears…….everytime, anytime, always… FOREVER !!!!!!!!
Why DCH is a part of my life ??????? Why DCH is a part of my life ??????? Reviewed by Shwetabh on 12:10:00 AM Rating: 5

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