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CHAK DE INDIA: An inspiration....

A movie with a difference. a really different one in the latest time. a resurgent movie never seen before. this movie captures the pain and agony of a player who plays for india, gives his whole life for a game but one mistake or a missed chance can be a burden for life. the burden of being labelled as a traitor when you are playing against your arch rivals,when everything is at stake. bringing together 16 different girls, each with its own ability, together to form a team called INDIA, to turn his dream of winning the championship of hockey into reality.

When SRK asks the girls at the camp which team do they play for and when one of them speaks the word india instead of the respective state, that is one of the many moments when you sit up and start noticing.The speech which he gives while addressing them is almost the same as it was given in LAKSHYA... The fight scene at mc donalds is really hilarious and really proves one point that do not engage in a scuffle with girls especially when they are together and too many. The start of the world cup will really set your pulses racing. The way they come back from the first heavy defeat to register a win in the 2nd match in a do-or-die situtaion to stay in the tournament is ...AWESOME. Another stint when you feel patriotic is when the national anthem is played at the start of the first match. Well, all of us really straightened our seats and sat still for those 5-7 seconds when it was being played. Only a select few can describe the feeling when you are on the field, listening the national anthem and the feeling arises that you are representing your country carrying the hopes of millions back home on your shoulders.

The good thing is that the match scores are not hyped much and nor does the team to show that they are the underdogs.. they have been made to realise their strength. Its the journey of a team,of a nation. Just before the semis, the captain asks srk what he is looking at and the reply???

Pehli baar ek gore ko hindustan ka jhanda pheyraate huye dekh raha hoon..... whistles all over the place at this and the hopes of the nation are shown when sukhlal ji telephones from india to speak to the team....

player: sukhlal ji, aapke daal chawaal bahut yaar aa rahe hain.

sukhlal : betaji ek baar jeet kar aao to sahi, zindagi bhar apne haath se daal chawaal bana kar khilaunga. haarna nahin.
player : mar jaayenge sukhlal ji magar haar kar nahin aayenge.

At the dinner night just before the finals, the players look gorgeous in the traditional tri coloured saris.You start winning and the world notices you. In the final, the co-ordination between the two forwards is just superb when they keep aside their personal differences and strive for a common goal...... A GOAL !!!!!

The speech by srk in the locker room is just amazing...wo 70 minutes...This movie will make you cry..believe me,it carry your hankies around with you to the hall.Just cannot describe the feeling and emotions which the coach goes through when india wins,and you will also cry with him. I DID.. The title track will really inspire you that country comes first. If you ask my choice of the candy floss gals in the movie, check out Preeti sabarwal...she is truly wow..

This movie is a journey of a man who deams of winning a gold medal by remembering his painful past and does it,its a journey of different girls who achieve the impossible,its a absolute awesome chance of reviving india`s national sport and i truly believe that this movie will surely do it. Its a treat for all those people who wear their patriotism up thrie sleeves and the the country in their hearts. You will surely come out singing CHAK DE INDIA... A must see for every indian who loves sports, who chase their dreams, who believes that he/she is an indian and still beieves in the fighting spirit of the human mind and the feeling of being an indian...

CHAK DE...........
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