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Taare zameen par: Something different and heart touching!!

Taare zameen par is a movie which must be watched by all. It’s a compulsory must watch for persons of all age groups. And one thing more, carry your hankies with you otherwise you would find it difficult to wipe your tears during the whole length of the film. It would make you cry. Tzp has a soul of its own and it really stirs you up from deep inside..deep inside. Its not about dyslexia or about ishaan alone, its about the world and thinking of a child in general..something which we have all gone through in our lives when we were child. Now it’s the turn of our families and grownups to have a look into our world and thinking when we were kids. There is so much in common between ishaan and us that it looks like our lives are running on the screen…that is absolutely so true!!! When we used to have to have a fight with someone bigger than us then we also did what ishaan does here- fight upto the strength and then run up some place lonely, find something good there (the kite) and return home only to be scolded. Then again the pressure at school in the class at things to be done correctly- do the homework, get a bad test paper signed, scared to show it to be parents, thinking of ways to keep it away and when these are not done then like the classmates said in the class- GAYE KAAM SE… Aamir has captured the mind of ishaan and all us with absolute brilliance. No one could have done it much better, nobody. Apart from the storyline the music and the lyrics are all awesome. The lyrics capture the beauty of the storyline and say it in perfect harmony with the music. Each song has to say something, each one has a story of its own.

Bheja kum is all about the fear of the subjects..each and every one of them. Bum bum bole is all about pure joy and enjoying every moment of pure joy. Watching jame raho is pure joy…absolute chaos about every morning which happens in every home. When you want to see the real world more closely and in a big carefree way away from the hustle bustle of the happenings around you then see mera jahan. Everything in that song happens everyday but we are all too much busy to notice that. The song which showcases the real love between a son and a mother is undoubtedly maa..whenever we are away from our mother,then we realize and miss that love… the surprise package of the movie is Kholo kholo….the music is just awesome and the lyrics even one step ahead…more than full marks to it for scoring high. This song really tells you to just be you , identify your strengths and go on…fly away. Each word has some or the other inspiration. Ofcourse, the most sentimental song would be the title track.. the picturisation is perfect and exactly at what it was meant to be. Every child is special and those children are really special in their own way. They might not be having all the qualities as the other people but they have something which even the most strongest of us do lack sometimes…strong determination and the guts to fight despite all odds.

If the story is one part of the movie then the other part is pure aamir..tzp without him???impossible…any other actor in his place?? Don`t even think about that thought. Right from his entry to the very end he is a teacher and moreover a person who understands people and helps them A teacher really different from the others who lets his students really be what they are and what not he wants them to become. He knows that art needs imagination and creativity and he gives it to them. He is one character who backs you up when the chips are down,really down and you are looking down the barrel with all hope lost. He has such power that even his expressions can move you to tears without a word being said. The best scene would be the one at ishaan`s home where he has a talk with his family and the following scene shows his desperation to help someone really bad knowing that the person is loosing his natural talent. Darsheel completes ishaan`s character very well. This movie also highlights one aspect of life.. you need to have a friend in a new place and the bonding is created instantly. Had it not been for ishaan`s friend at the boarding, he would have broken down more. The friendship was giving him the spirit to fight and fight real hard. The art mela scene was truly awesome and the painting one top notch higher. I wish I could draw like that. The reaction at the prize announcement was closer to the heart…you don`t believe in your abilities when you have won something and try to hide from the eyes of the whole world bcoz you don`t know how to face it and the way to say thanks to the teacher was so heartwarming.

This movie really brings in something for it from your heart and then you`ll understand that EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL…
Taare zameen par: Something different and heart touching!! Taare zameen par: Something different and heart touching!! Reviewed by Shwetabh on 6:02:00 PM Rating: 5

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