The places where moments reside

Have you ever -

· Enjoyed the cool shade under a tree on a hot and sultry afternoon

· Drenched in the rain just like a child

· Walked on a road with no particular destination in mind
· Watched a movie all by yourself with no one to give you company

· Dreamt while travelling

· Fallen in love and then sensing the change in the world at that instant onwards

· Reflected back on your old days and wished that those will come back

· Gone on a vacation leaving all problems behind

· Admired nature and wished to remain at that place forever

· Imagined while travelling that india is indeed a really big country to explore so much

· Thought that why does music feel so soothing at the middle of the night when everything is quiet

· Took off some time from your routine and ever looked at your old childhood toys and games

· Gone on a bicycle ride at night with your friends just chatting and remembering the good old days

· Played with little children

· Eaten fruits plucked directly from the trees

· Interacted with foreigners at places of tourist attraction

· Felt eager to go to a place but not to return

· Kept that special letter hidden from the family from that really someone special

· Jumped with joy when you heard that voice

· Taken a motorcycle ride in hilly areas and felt the cool breeze touching your hair

· Felt the sudden urge to go into all those old neighbourhood areas and find your childhood friends

· Wanted to treasure that special moment of joy forever when you meet your old long lost pals

· Felt the pain when someone very dear to you gets hurt

· Felt that how much your family misses you when you are away from them for studies/job

· Stared at something so beautiful that the time stands still

· Become so engrossed in a game so much so that when the birds chirp in the morning that u r reminded that it is morning and you didn`t sleep even for a second

· Enjoyed that holiday on a chilly winter morning all wrapped up in the warm quilt and enjoying a hot cup of tea
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