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Rock on : Live your Dreams

Rock on surely rocks!! Live your dreams. Rock on is Dil Chahta hai -2 with a difference. DCH was this trendy,cool story about 3 guys and their lives, this one is a matured one with 4. Magik surely spreads its magic. When you see the movie, do not go with images and thoughts of DCH in your mind, they would come naturally to you once the story and the movie goes on and on. 

Watch it with your heart and you would come back shaken and stirred pondering on one thought as to whether we have really become some mechanical robots and lost our dreams and passions in our quest to go higher and higher. Just imagine 4 great members of a band becoming investment banker , manning the family jewellery shop, struggling for a break into the music world and another being jobless for such a long time. This movie is for all those who care about music, have music in their lives, have seen their dreams and passions shatter at some point of time.

The friendship still remains the point here. Friends do take up some really important positions in our lives and when they leave, we tend to run away from ourselves. At some point of time we choose a life which then seems comfortable but after so many years down the lane we realise that all through these years we have made compromises with our lives. The good thing is the music here Although not a chartbuster as DCH but surely a winner in its own right. A story about a rock band would have a different music than a youthful DCH. The songs might not catch your fancy while listening but they surely draw you once you get to see that how they are picturised. Apart from the title track , another fast track song which you might like would be In saat dinon mein. Some tracks would really sweep you off your feet. Its about keeping your dream, your passion alive for as long as you live. You might have compromised with your dream but a time comes when you re ignite that fire of yours. All it takes is just a small spark for the fire to blow again. This is one fire which is never reduced to ashes. All actors live their characters. Farhan akhtar brings in the natural acting foray again after DCH and Lakshya. But i think the leader has to be Arjun Rampal. He really steals the show. A man who can`t think of anything else apart from music and can`t do anything apart from music. Like in one scene he says,” all i know is music, i can`t do anything else”. Loosing touch with your friends and going on the different paths is easy , leave all behind and move on is easy but its really difficult to meet, forgive and continue from where you left previously. A message which the movie gives really beautifully is that fact that do not run away from yourself, your life. Live a complete life and keep the people who matter to you really close. Those are the ones who make the life complete. When they go away , then we realise that what void they fill in our lives. When we grow up we think that we are happy but only our inner self shows that how much satisfied we really our. Those people are lucky to whom life gives a second chance. Really lucky...

Rock on is really about life, dreams and a 2nd the lyrics says...

Rock on , hai yeh waqt ka ishaara
Rock on, har lamha pukaara
Rock on, yun hi dekhta hai kya tu
Rock on, zindagi milegi na dobara
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