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Rab ne bana de jodi- a sweet and captivating story

Its an awweessome movie. No its not any spelling mistake but its an expression after watching this movie. An exceptional movie which will win the hearts and the minds of many. Its what the chopras are expert at – romance and they handle it hare with utmost deft and perfection. Who says that love stories are things of the past ?? Its not another husband and wife story who fall in love over the course of 3 hours, its much different than that and that much more beautiful. It’s a entertainer with a beautiful story which is wrapped so beautifully that you can do nothing but admire that. Romance would still rule the world and the hearts and minds of the people and this movie tries this formula again and is success at it. This movie is not for those who see movies keeping their heads intact, its for those who make use of their hearts. Just see this movie and become engrossed with every frame, every scene, every dialogue, every emotion.

It makes you realize that you can still fall in love at first sight ( even today that magic works), still respect the other person`s feelings that she can`t love you straightaway after she has been through some of the toughest times in her life.

Shahrukh and Anushka are really a jodi not to be missed. They really compliment each other beautifully. He is the common man who “ Works for Punjab power ji”.

He is the husband who cares for her, loves her deeply but is not expressive because he knows that she would not be able to love him anymore. He respects her feelings and tries really hard to understand her, make her feel comfortable. He moves out of his room so that she can have the room while he himself goes to the attic to sleep. He is happy and estatic when she smiles, deeply hurt and lost when she is sad. Where else would you find a man with so much love for his wife that when his friend advices him to give 1-2 slaps to her to make her understand he immediately scolds him and says, “ Jis din yeh haath taani ji par uth gaya us din mera yeh poora hi haath kaat dena”. We sure have heard these feelings before but here they are so beautiful that you cannot do anything but admire that. He really loves his “ Taani ji”, one would would go any lengths to stay in an uncomfortable environment so that she gets as comfortable as possible. Sharukh really carries the common man mantle with ease.

His unexpressive love is what keeps the audience spellbound. You have got to see how he works in his room. With a pen drive still up in the port of his laptop and the string still across his neck, he portrays a person who is busy in his work but does not show that it is all work for him. He plays the part to perfection in everything where it is about loving when he sees the tiffin box packed for him the first time by anushka, blushing with a smile which everyone would love or where he would take out time to go to the movies with her. How do you beat that?? And how do you perfect the part where when anushka expresses her desire to take part in a dance competition as dance is her favourite hobby and requests her permission in a simple way by showing him the ad in a newspaper and also puts the condition that she would not do it if he doesn`t like it. He allows her by waking away quietly, leaving her disappointed with only to be surprised with the entry fees on the table. His reason “ Mujhe wahi purani wali uchalti , fudagti taani ji chahiye jissey main pyar karta hoon. Wo muskuraati hai to mujhe sakoon milta hai, wo hasti hai to mujhe aur bhi sakoon milta hai, mujhe unmein rab dikhta hai”. These lines summarise the basic fact of everyone`s life that we really love the person who we love from the bottom of our hearts and we really want that person to be really cheerfil and happy when we fell in love with that person. A change because of some compromise is not an option.

His other character raj is the person which we have known all these years. But this raj is different. He is still with a mission to make someone happy, to make her feel that the world is still a beautiful place if you look at it more closely and forget all your pains, except for the special fact that he is really uncomfortable in “ these tight pants and tight jeans” and tries to look different from the other person that he really is. He tries to shower all his love for her which he can`t do as his husband at night so the only chance which he gets is by being her dance partner throughtout the day by being raj. The Jat who would say each and everything up on his mind, be clear in his thoughts and speech. His favourite colour- yellow because “ kal aapko yellow dress mein dekha tha ji to ussi colour se pyaar ho gaya ji”. He tries to keep her at ease and happy. Its his only chance where he can speak his mind and thoughts with her.He is the one who makes realise what her heart wants, drenched in the first rainhe asks her to close her eyes and wish for something because these things come true, when she says that she hasn`t wished anything, he says, " Aapne chaha taani partner ki is dil ka dard kuch kam ho jaaye".

He asks her the the simplest question in the world with the toughest answer to it, "Ek ladki kya chahti hai?" and she replies in the most simple fashion, "Ek ladki bas yahi chahti hai ki koi ussey itna pyaar kare jitna kisi ne kisi se na kiya ho, bas itna sa hi to chahti hai ladki". Anushka is like a breath of fresh air who fits into her role perfectly. Whether its playing the bubbly character or the quiet girl who is trying to adjust to her new life. She understands the feelings of Shahrukh when she tells him that she would be a good wife but its better if he doesn`t expect her to love her because she has no love left in her and it would take her sometime to kill the old taani and be a new one altogether. She is the wife who scolds him when he puts his life on the line to win the tickets to japan, so that she is happy, she realises that she is wrong and goes to his office the next day with the tiffin box and the I AM SORRY slip. She is the girl who rediscovers herself. The girl who is sweet yet strong and can abuse when the need arises and even ride the bike at 120 km/hr. and do the dhoom style stunts. Her expressions on the face takeover the dialogues.

The music is really good and melodious- the feature of all yashraj makes. "Haule haule" really captures the beauty of being and finding love slowly and haule haule. Shahrukh is terrific in that. "Dance pe chance" is a simple song with some fast beats which teaches you the steps to dance. Listen carefully and you`ll learn a new dance step with each stanza. It would surely make you groove and not to be missed is the beautiful anushka who looks gorgeous. "Tujh mein rab dikhta hai" is the most beautiful song of the album which would set the hearts racing. Its about showing your love how much you respect her, love her, shower her with the petals and shower her with all the love you have...Its about seeing the god in the person you love. Like Taani says in one scene, "Unmein mujhe rab rab dikhta hai. Insaan ko to main chodd bhi doon magar rab ko kaise choddha jaata hai yeh mujhe nahin pata".

This movie would reaffirm your faith in love, in life and the fact that god makes jodis together and sometimes it is upto him to script some love stories. Shahrukh says, "Hum hain rahi pyaar ke, phir milenge chalte chalte". Do watch the scene where he talks to the statue and is really sad and confused as to whether she loves her husband or the other person that he is - raj.
One verdict- Do watch it.....
Rab ne bana de jodi- a sweet and captivating story Rab ne bana de jodi- a sweet and captivating story Reviewed by Shwetabh on 12:59:00 PM Rating: 5

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