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Ajab prem ki gajab kahani : A sweet love story

APKGK is a movie with a twist.All the movies of katrina for me were romantic movies with a comedy touch thrown in them but this one is the other way round. Here you have plenty of laughs and in the midst of it is a love story. Not any extraordinary one but the plain and simple one as always. Ranbir looks tailor made for his character. Really love the way he has a tag of the ‘president’ on his shirt each time. Never thought being the president of a happy club was that much tough that you need an indentification tag. He is a cool person, president of a happy club, a place taken by fooling the landlord…the coolest thing? His son is a member and they are threatened to vacate the place,he is offered the membership…really hilarious. His sole motive with the club is to bring happiness in the lives of the people and the members, by the deeds…not by his talks.Experts in kidnapping girls.The first hilarious situation when they go to kidnap a girl to find 3 girls wearing the same colour dresses, what follows would really giggle you up. How they get the flat for katrina`s family sums up how easily you can fool up. An indirect way of getting membership, commission.He is a pure vegetarian, doesn`t like non veg at all. He shares the same rapport with his father which majority of teenagers do …always clashing with his father over what he does. 
Portrays emotions really well when he is really angry, just stammers and tried to convey his feelings in those words. Just a different flow in course of a cool story. Katrina`s entry just changes the way he is..she also has a stammering problem but only when she is angry.The slap she gives him and the way by which she asks for sorry is something no body would do in this world. His friends make him used to eating to non veg because “ she is a christian” and he first dislikes this but after only a week he relishes that and just then his family members come up and he is at a loss of words. The reality is quite tickling when he comes to know that she is a pure veg. and you could see how he fills up the platter quite full with the non veg items. Its love at probably first sight for him.The boasting scene about salman would make you go weak in the stomach.

You could just feel the emotions.. the balcony scene where he hears all about her would make you cry a bit. The dance scene at the party and the way he behaves over there would instantly show his eagerness to dance with her and all that he does to get rid of other people. Goes to work, returns home and does all the things just because she told him girls marry only these type of girls. He is friends with her with a tagline- no complaints, no demands. Goes any lengths to solve her problems…. After all she is a lifetime member of the club and that too free. The pain is evident in his voice and feelings when he is heartbroken. You can feel that when he talks with his friends. After each sentence about jenny he ends the sentence with “ chal chodd yaar koi aur baat karte hain”. This shows that when love hurts, it really hurts…you can try not talking about someone you love but your tongue and emotions do not match your head. His return with jenny to his home and the way by which the mother and son duo hide her brings smiles to your faces. Just feel the love of prem for jenny in the police station. It’s a love who can feel deep down in your heart all throughtout the movie. Katrina as jenny is truly awesome. She is a typical case where you can say that looks can surely kill. It’s a typical and beautiful girl next door image of her all throughout.She looks extremely gorgeous in the white dress. Such a sweet imge of a girl…just can`t describe that in words. 

If you wanna see her beauty and her emotions then do watch the song” tu jaane na”…it would surely transform you into a different world altogether…truly wow…. She doesn`t say a single word but her eyes do the talking. With those eye glasses on, she is truly a simple, innocent girl. The closeups would want you begging for more.

She portrays all her emotions with considerable ease. Whether its being friend with people , hurt by the talk of the family members or showing her anger by the stammering. She has a face so vulnerable and imploring that you want to protect it from the harsh rays of evil sunlight, katrina is at once wholesome and haughty, feisty and flirtatious. She`s everyone`s dream come true. A true chirpy, bubbly character. The music is cool and lightening as the movie itself. Prem ki naiyaa is all about feeling wonderful when you realise that you are in love. But the best song would be Tu jaane naa.. it’s an awesome song which gives the feeling of the pain in love when you know that you love a person but your sweetheart doesn`t know that. The picturisation in that song is the icing on the cake. Shot in ice, with a blue backdrop and the actors wearing black dresses , it brings an aura around itself. Tera hone laga hoon is all about love…Just tremendous… it’s the first time when you really feel special towards someone. 

Wanna see katrina at her sexiest best?? Would go in for Main tera dhadkan teri for that..a typical bomb in that..the best song of her after zara zara touch me from race…and just before the song, the previous scene with prem would justify that. Aa jao meri tamanna is a song where you desperately want to say sorry to some dear one.. it’s a beautiful song.. just watch the way prem is finding ways to say sorry to jenny for hurting her.The most unforgettable scene? The one at the church where prem asks for love and says sorry to jesus in his broken english..everyone does pray once in their lifetime just like that…believe me …they do…when its love..
Ajab prem ki gajab kahani : A sweet love story Ajab prem ki gajab kahani : A sweet love story Reviewed by Shwetabh on 11:12:00 PM Rating: 5

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