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How sun signs say sorry


Ever wondered why Taureans apologise to the floor or Cancerians hate saying 'Sorry'! Here's how some signs say 'Sorry', some try, some try real hard, while some never even try.


They are sure they have done nothing that demands apology. Sorry to say, but 'Sorry' is the last thing you can expect from them. And if they do it, it sounds as if they are talking to themselves. If you hear it, you are lucky. 


Taureans apologise to the ground. They will never see you in the eye, while uttering the dreadful word. They wait for the maximum damage to happen before apologising. After all, one murder or two murders, you can be hanged only once. 


Geminis are perfect people - at least that's what they feel. And the best part is that if they realise they've made a mistake, they know how to act ignorant. Criminals can take a crash course from them in beating the lie detector. Such innocent souls, they will make you feel guilty for expecting an apology from them.


Cancerians go a step further that Geminis. They force you to jump off a cliff for even imagining a sorry from them. They will burn their Rolls Royce, but never say sorry to guy they ran into. They hurt themselves. And they keep doing it till you start feeling sorry for yourself and decide never ever to seek an apology from them. 


Leos love attention and contrary to the belief, they love apologising. For them, it's just another way to get noticed. They will send you flowers, they will cook for you ?..imagine it they can do it. Greeting card makers love them, as they buy almost all the 'Sorry' cards. 


Logic takes over, when it's time for a Virgo to apologise. Saying sorry would be on their job list for the day. They need time to prepare themselves and even memorise their apologies. There's actually a script...a proper sequence of dialogues, needless to say, taking your reactions into considerations as well. Forget about Oscar speeches?this one's a winner all the way.


Librans are very vocal when they know their mistake. You won't find a better sign, when it's about saying sorry. They feel their apologies. Now that's one achievement. Leos can pretend for attention, but Librans - they never stammer while saying 'Sorry'. 


Scorpions will say 'Sorry' a hundred times, but never mean it. So don't get fooled. They will not face you?they do it over the phone, send a card, sms or an email. The reason - they believe doing something wrong is no big deal. You still need a sorry from them! 


'Sorry' doesn't feature in their vocabulary. They will never ever say the word; you put a gun to their head; they would rather take the shot than apologise. You make one mistake, and they need a sorry, just one would do.


Capricornians have been trying hard to eradicate 'Sorry' from the face of this earth for ages. They choose not to remember it. But you make one mistake - and you are dead. They need apologies in every way - sms, email, phone call, letter - whatever form of communication you can imagine and was ever invented. And your reason better be convincing as well. 


They believe in damage control. They may not apologise, but they try every bit to undo their mistake. Actions speak more than words. Aquarians definitely know that. 


Pisceans have a mind of their own. What's wrong for you is right for them, so what's the apology for - a different perspective! They force you to change your perception. Do not ever expect an apology from them. If you get one, you qualify for all the record books.

So now you know what to expect when someone you know makes a mistake. Keep a check on your expectations accordingly.
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