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Love and dreams...

Marriage is an important phase of live for everyone but for a girl it's the most amazing decision of her life...

A girl dreams , wishes for her life partner.....♥

I want a hubby who would hold my hand in lines at the mall...Or while crossing roads..So that I feel protected ♥

I Want someone who would sing to me at random moments :)♥

Someone who would respect my maturity; and love my innocence too.♥

Someone who would bet with me on kisses.. ; and let me win :)♥

Someone who would let me fulfill my responsibilitie s towards my mom dad and would love my family like his own ♥

I want a guy who will accept me with love and make me feel a part of his family♥

Someone who I could share my fears, my laughs, my smile and my tears. ♥

Someone who would not get angry over my mistakes instead scold me like my mother and then help me to learn doing that thing again.♥

But mostly, someone who would be loyal to me will always be the reason for my smile ♥

And I promise to such a guy... I would always prove his trust right....I would be his family....

And I would love and respect his parents like my own mom dad :) ♥
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  1. nice way of expressing a girls feelings.... But now the era has changed.... The same voice nd pray comes from boys heart also

  2. yeah, i know buddy..

  3. Sweet blog... expressions with purity of heart from a girl...

  4. thank you madam..