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A traditional love story in the modern times

Love..when we think of love, the images that flash before our eyes are the Taj, the romantic cities of Paris and Venice, maybe Swiss Alps too. Today we think of love as an emotion but we rarely find people who can really make us believe and fall in love. Most of the times we think that only boys love but out of the blue, magically, comes along a girl who just changes all that. 

This is about a soldier but more importantly its about that girl who loved him till the depths of time and made me believe again that love is magical. We indians all know about Capt. Vikram Batra(PVC) who gave a new meaning to the term "heroism" and "sacrifice", but very little is known about his ladylove who gave a new meaning to the word "love" and "devotion". Very few know her real name. Even i dont. She met him at the university where they both studied and were about to be married soon before Vikram gave his life for the country. That girl refused to marry for life inspite of Vikram`s parents telling her to and asking her to change her mind. She has refused there since and is a school teacher now, having kept all the gifts gaven to her safely with her.

She is like a daughter to the soldier`s parents now and everyone has accepted her wish. When i had read about her the first time, the first thought that crossed my mind was " Is this even remotely possible today"? 14 years down the line and for the lifetime now, a girl loves just devotes her life to one person. Unknowingly she changed the equation of love and togetherness for all those who believe in their hearts and love. For the first time, i can say that girls can really love just like the old times, although its very rare to find such girls for whom love is everything. Whatever your name is , you have earned yourself an admirer in me and probably others too who would come to know about you.

If there were a few more girls like you, the world would be more loving and special. You might not know, but you are really special for everyone around you. May you get love from everyone and if re births happens, may your match be completed the next time with the same person... Just wish for it !! 
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  1. Hats off to her for she has a heart of gold.

  2. Marrying anyone or not is the girl's choice and I'm happy she chose to live with his memories.
    That said, moving on doesn't make a girl 'not loving' either.