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4 things never to share with your boyfriend

They not only help strengthen your relationship but it also ensures that you have some things only to yourself. Here are a couple of things that you should never share with your partner.

1. Your girlfriend`s secrets

This is one of the things that you MUST NEVER share with your boyfriend. Your friends confide in you and expect you to keep that confidence. After all, they do the same for you right? So try and keep their trust intact. Apart from this, guys generally do not understand the kind of talks girls do, so it's best you keep him at bay.

2. Your password

This is a big NO NO when it comes to sharing something with your boyfriend. Even though you might trust him a lot and also love him beyond words, but there are certain things like passwords that you should never share.

3. Your dislike for his family 

It is best you keep this secret to yourself and not let this one out either to him or your friends. There will always be some who cannot get along well with their boyfriend's mother or sister. You need not tell him this. Not only will it make him sad but it might also ruin your relationship.

4. Your detail 

Well even if you've mentioned about your ex boyfriend to your current one, make sure you do not give out too many details to him. Keep this a secret. It does not mean that you are cheating on him. It just shows that you do not want unnecessary trouble.
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  1. Good observations. The advice can very well be applied for married couples as well :)

  2. These tips for prostitutes. Only prostitutes can have multiple partners. Only one rule in any relationship and that is TRUST
    Seems you don't know the values of that