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British Council : TOPGUN in the U.K.

Studies - the one word which makes the children dread with fear maybe even more than the ghosts. There comes a stage in everyone`s life when one wants to study for his / her passion. The thirst and hunger for more knowledge , for the passion about something you damn and truly love and not just for money earning later on and maybe utility. Many times people want to study just because of their love of their particular subject or topic to know more and more.

The role of these 3 is huge in war and peace.

Although I am an MBA but one topic which really intrigues me and keeps me glued and undoubtedly increases my hunger and thirst for more and more is Defence Studies. The one thing about which I can keep glued to books happily more than ever. There`s so much to learn about the tactics, weapons deployment, strategies, etc. that you cant get just enough out of all this.

King`s College

If I could get a chance to make it to the UK for a course and place of my choice it would be King's College London, University of London. It is one of England’s oldest and most prestigious universities: a multi-faculty research-led institution based in the heart of London.  With 40 acad staff for a pupil strength of 50, it means that there is personalised attention to the students pursuing this course. Plus military studies is such a complex and interesting topic that you really need all the different ways of looking at things and what better than different set of people who can think at various points of tactics and yet arrive at a common point.

Kings has a host of facilities and activities which would help the students progress and also bond with the other students-

1. Student Advice & International Student Support for all the issues faced by the students regarding any issues they might face during their tenure at the college.

2. Counsellors to help the students feel at home despite being away from home

3. A health care center and a religious care so that every research student can be in top form physically and also practice their faith and bond with others.

4. Accomodation amongst with the serene beauty of London with available options to reside amongst students from other countries to experience diversity in all forms.

Memorial gates memorial... The soldiers left their mark

The glory of the Indian soldiers is also associated with England. They fought alongside the english soldiers in both the world  wars and brought fame to their regiments and displayed feats of extraordinary courage under impossible odds winning the  Victoria cross on numerous occassions. It would be my honour to read about them (if thats possible in the curiculum) and how wars have been won or lost since ages. One strategy changes the tide of the conflict. Its all about the role of strategy and the analysis of various wars and conflict. This would be my version of the Wargames understaken between two countries to understand the tactics and co-operation much better.  India`s courage and West`s technology is surely a lethal combo to confront.

King`s Strand campus will also bring me closer to the Indian soldiers. Confused?? The Memorial Gates war memorial at the Hyde Park Corner is just 2 miles (3.2 kms) by bicycle along the picturesque banks of the Thames. Who said you cant visit your inspiration? King`s gives me so many things at one place-

1. The beautiful Thames.

2. The Memorial Gates where I can be closer to my inspiration- the Indian soldiers.

3. Excellent faculty and a wonderful chance to pursue my passion about a subject I am damn passionate about.

Maybe I am just a civilian right now but the course at King`s would enable me to become a TOPGUN in my own right with the extensive knowledge I`ll gain... Someday... I`ll be the TOPGUN...


This article is a part of Indiblogger`s contest about British Council`s  Study in the UK Programme which can be accessed here .
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