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Movie mistimings : A case of 5 movies

Movies – the time when you chill out for few hours leaving all the hustle bustle behind. Its meant to be an entertaining affair but is not the case with me. Me and my friend santosh used to watch movies and some or the other tragedy has been ocurring with us- everytime, every single time. We have been like victims of all goof ups- sometimes of our own making and sometimes inspired by the others. We used to say to each other,

“यह सारी किस्मत अपने साथ ही क्यूँ खराब है ?”.

So come with us as we take you into the flashback of what happened with each and every movies that we saw. 

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost protocol –

So Ethan hunt jumped from the Burj khalifa in the movie and we moved from one seat row to another. The screen at GIP had virtually no light on the stairs near the seats. The row and seat number at the foot were not clearly visible – some were too dim to read, some totally vanished. So by guesswork we occupied the row which we presumed would be ours. Hardly had Tom Cruise got out of jail and onto the street, a group of boys came and claimed their seats. Totally confused we had to call the ticket checker and when he came and saw the tickets, requested us to shift one row up. मतलब की शान्ति से पिक्चर मत देखने दो .


Yeah, the Saif , deepika starrer which was a hit. Although we used to decide the Sunday movie outing on Saturdays but this one got made at the spur of the hour on Sunday at 9 in the morning. This time Santosh booked the tickets online. The seats were one behind the other at the very front. His was the 1st row from the front and mine was just behind. We were sitting one behind the others. 2-3 girls were sitting to his right. The whole movie passed without any incident ( well almost). It was nearing the climax, a max of some 5-6 mins. Of movie must have been left. The exit doors had been opened by the staff in preparation for the next show. Suddenly a person came into the hall and showing his ticket said to Santosh , “ यह मेरी सीट है ”. I too was confused as the movie was near completeion, all seats were full and there is a person saying that this was his seat. Santosh saw his ticket, even the seat number was correct and then he saw the show time. The man had the ticket for the next show and seeing the doors open, had walked right inside without bothering to check anything. He asked , “ क्या अभी भी चल रही है पिक्चर?”. 

Santosh said, “ हाँ रे , अभी बैठ कर climax देख ले, बाकी picture अपने शो में देख लेना ”.

Fast and furious 6 –

The same incident of MI 4 happened this time too. The only difference that we had to move one row down this time.

Bhaag milkha bhaag –

The one was one epic movie and i wanted to see it anyhow. Due to the hype and positive results from first 2 days, we knew that the tickets would have to be booked fast. Online tickets were booked and it was CSM (centrestage mall) this time as opposed to GIP (full). I had booked the ticket on Bookmyshow and had a feeling that our seats were on the left row after entering the hall. When we finally got there, I had a washout and told santosh to take the right side (same row of 3 seats). The ticket checker hadnt told us, neither he came to check, neither did anybody else. All went smoothly untill the interval when the lights turned on and I saw the seat number. We were at the extreme end of the one alloted. Santosh cursed me saying, 

“ तुझे दिखाई भी नहीं देता क्या ?”. He then asked if we should change now and I declined saying, “न. यहाँ आगे लड़कियाँ हैं, मैं तो सीट नहीं change करने वाला. वहाँ कोई लड़की नहीं है ” . Nobody came to claim and and we watched the superb movie except the goofup on our part. For the first time the movie was so brilliant that I didnt need the motivation sitting in the front seat to sit through the film, it was awesome in itself ( the movie...the girl was awesome nevertheless).

Madras cafe –

Thats forgetfulness and stupidity of epic proportions. Santosh met me at the metro station, I told him GIP. Heading into GIP at leisure and seeing the crowd, I asked him to stand in the queue and get the tickets by handing him an extra printout that I had carried. This time he also hadn`t bothered to look at the printout. I was awaiting my turn at the ticket kiosk to take the tickets. When my turn came, I ran the bar code under the scanner and it told me wrong code. Twice I tried that and on the third time tried entering the code sent through sms to enter it manually. When even that failed, I moved away from the line bewildered and thinking. Each and everytime I use to get the tickets from the kiosk but this time it didnt work. Then I decided to check the printout and saw “ Wave cinemas”. Called Santosh and asked him, “ ओये यह Wave कहाँ है ?”. He said, “ अबे वो तो CSM है. Print दिखा ”. He saw the print and we virually ran. We had only 20 minutes before the show started and that time we were at the top floor of GIP. Imagine that we had to go to the ground floor and cover the distance from GIP to CSM , take the tickets there and get 3 floors up to get access. We ran virtually like mad people, for the first time risking lives by crossing the road from the middle and not taking the FOB ( those who have been to GIP know how fast vehicles move on that road). We ran inside , up to the counter and collected our tickets with Santosh saying, “चूतिया बन गए, पहले पता होता. 

Metro station से direct यहीं आ जाते , परिक्रमा कराना ज़रूरी था क्या तुझे?. बैंड बजते बजते बची. मैं लाइन में खड़ा हो कर counter वाले को CSM का print दिखाता और कहता टिकट दे दो. पूरी दुनिया हँसती. खड़े खड़े comedy show हो जाता ”. We entered the hall with just 1 minute left, panting like we had finished a 400 m race in the time it takes to cover 100 mtr. Now this time there was no goof up in the seats, the goof up with the hall was good enough to bypass all.

So we saw a total of 6 movies together and 5 had goof ups with GI Joe 2 being the only exception. We used to wonder that what is that which makes things go wrong with both of us whenever we go to see movies....believe me, we havent got an answer till now. 
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  1. Badiya hai... Now I know who are those "Usual Suspects" who invariably spoil my moviegoing experience time and time again!!! :-D :-P

  2. Har time ki kahaani hai yeh! Well put!

  3. I guess it is your hurried nature which causes all these goof ups :) Do take care next time, ya fir ek ticket mere liye bhi le lena fir ye sab problem nahi hone wala. :)