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My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa #Happyhours #24KLiving

“My own home” – this is one dream of everyone and when its finally achieved it’s a great feeling in itself. Once the house is all yours, the process of making it a home starts with each and every thing customized and according to the choice of the family members. Each and everyone wants his/her room complete with the colours of the walls, amenities and facilities. Its like a small world in itself where every room and inch of the house speaks of some unfulfilled dreams waiting to the accomplished. More than the house, it’s the furniture and various things which give it the elegant look and with PORCELANOSA and its various products at the helm of things regarding products for homes, its bound to be different from the others and get noticed which would set it apart from the crowd.

If I get the chance to build my home from the various products that PORCELANOSA has to offer this is what I would go in for from the huge range-

Floor tiles-


Apart from the fact that it is highly resistance to wear by continuous use and no effect even by sunlight, the look and texture of wood gives it a warm and cosy feeling. Little Oxford is the perfect shade to complement that. There is something about wood texture which gives it an edge over modern floor tiles and this is where the par-ker range meets my liking.

Wall tiles-

Metal Effect

Irish Silver tiles having the metal effect is a treat on the eyes as metal gives a very different look than traditional tiles at homes. With sunlight bound to reflect off them, there would be a very different feel in the house. Silver has always been a calmer and lighter shade to bear so it works awesome.


The most frequented place in the home by hungry kids, husband and the family members. All requests, orders regarding food are fulfilled here and various ultimate delicacies are created here. So it becomes important to give the lady of the house a place where she can complete all such food related demands without having a feeling of fatigue or tiredness during long hours. Kitchen is one such place where they should feel at ease while working.


The G680 Roble Esparto Vintage / G500 Antracita Brillo in the furniture range would make sure that even the smallest of kitchen spaces seem to be the most spacious.

Indoor furniture:

The Curve Roble Blanco Cal chairs make sure that the chairs are spacious and comfortable for everyone to enjoy their meals at the fullest right from the grandparents to the grandchildren and everyone in between. The table would be the the same from Curve Roble Blanco.


Nothing else apart from the Monomando Loop by Noken. Its 
different design is what catches the eye.

Kitchen Worktops:

The main battleground when it comes to preparation of food. This is where the bulk of the action happens and so its equally important that they should also complement the rest of the kitchen. The flat surface worktops by Krion make sure that the lady of the house gets a lot of space with ease to recreate her magic in the kitchen. When the issue is working space, there cant be any compromise.


The most important place in the house. A place where people have sometime to themselves not to mention all the singing practice which takes place.


Matching with the flooring in the rest of the house, Tetris Blanco Brillo is the final choice. The finish is what seems to be the perfect substitute with the wooden tiles in the house.

Rain shower:

Who doesn’t love rain and getting drenched in the rainfall. Recreating the exact feel will be the Seasons rain shower. Nothing more after that.

Taps, Sanitaryware and Basins:

The Urban C taps give a different look and feel as to how taps are used in the bathrooms. Krabi Brown stone basins go with the brown look of the bathroom alongwith the sanitaryware from Soft.


Who says that only ladies need big wardrobes and dressing rooms to get ready?? Its equally important for the men to indulge themselves while getting ready. Who doesn’t like a big , nice place all to himself. So choosing from the wide range that PORCELANOSA has to offer here, it would come down to Natura Roble Marengo / Lino Cancún Textil in the dressing room and Terra Yeso Brillo in the wardrobe department.

The dressing room so chosen has a huge space to keep things and to get ready without any space issue and the wardrobe from Terra has a soft colour which is pleasurable to the eyes.


So these are the various products from PORCELANOSA which would make my dream home..

All images used here are from the PORCELANOSA website

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