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Day 2: Content Marketing Summit #CMSAsia2015

The Day 1 adventures are here- 

Day 2

The last day of the summit. I was just praying that it was not too heavy as Day 1 and my prayers were answered as we had an interesting line up of people speaking up with the focus on the distribution of content.

Gitikka - the bubbliest host

Nikhil Swarup, Kontent Cart

He had promised the previous day that he would give us 2 demos of how Kontent Cart worked and he fulfilled that with the same energy and banter which he had last evening. Sample his definition of broccoli- “ The stuff that American kids don’t eat”. He gave a piece of advice – Content helps people notice brand so it was important what you show.

George Paul, Ericsson- 

The company present in 180 countries, 187 languages and having a workforce of 117000 employees. The content has moved from mobile to cloud. Content still remains the king. There is a content team in place at every place here ans there is a 24 months of planning cycle in place.

Victor, Dhoom 3 – 

Remember Just Mohabbat, Jassi jaisi koi nahin and many others ?? Then welcome Victor, the man behind all these creations. He is better known as the director of dhoom 3. He explained what is content by sharing the history of Jassi, Just Mohabbat and Dhoom. There is the challenge of fresh content in every dhoom as they cant rest on the success of the past one. Content marketing through the idea of the song “ Kamli”. Never thought Katrina would make it to a summit. No, she was not there but had a mention nevertheless. RP Singh was interested in asking about Aamir and I was tempted to ask about Katrina but then decided against that. Looking for logic in dhoom? It wont come ever as the makers show what they believe in. No promotion of any dhoom at any of the TV serials like Big Boss or Comedy Nights as Victor feels that the exclusive content of the franchise speaks for itself.

The question about Dhoom ever having a logic was met with a reply- " In dhoom, the makers show what they believe in."

Amit Sinha, VP, Tata Telecom-

Interactive video was the mainstay as it showed the history of the internet in a very interesting way. The content must be used to engage with people and yet do your business with.

Khurafaati Nitin, 104.7 FM

Khurafaati Nitin and us.

The morning just got even better. Here was one speaker who talked about how radio was changing lives by its content and CSR, but not before he joked as to how he got his name. He shared stories how radio changed lives- When he started a campaign to bail out a man who was arrested on charges of selling railway property so that he could send his sister to college. By his help , the man was bailed out, got a job and his sister got into a college. The applause that went up in the hall immediately after that spoke volumes of the reaction of the audience. Then he played a poem फिर शांत है दिल्ली ” which was mindblowing. This is it-

फिर शांत है दिल्ली, भीड़ का शोर नहीं , बच्चों की किलकारियां नहीं

एक और ब्लास्ट , फिर वही राजनीतिक इल्ज़ाम , एक दूसरे पे आरोप, उजड़े घर, सूनी मांगे , बिखरी चूड़ियाँ. 

फिर शांत है दिल्ली....

आदत पड़ती जा रही है बिखरा रूप देखने की

सुर्ख छीटो से, सड़कें अब साधारण सी लगने लगी हैं 

फिर शांत है दिल्ली मगर शायद अब कह रही है कब तक यूँ ही पन्ना पलट 
के आगे बढ़ते रहेंगे हम ?

कब तक त्रासदीयाँ सहते रहेंगे हम ?

ख़बरों में कब तक अपनों को मुर्दा देखते रहेंगे हम ?

क्या इस खून में उबाल आएगा या फिर एक दिन यह भी बिखर जायेगा ?

फिर शांत है दिल्ली.....

क्यूँ शांत है दिल्ली

Me and Rahul took a break after that. The day had been phenenominal till now. We got hold of Victor and Nitin for pics.

Danish, SAP – 

He showed the need for relevant content by making us see a snapshot of his personal mailbox. Believe me, it had more than 9000 spam mails. 60- 70% of marketing content is unused because it is usless, not relevant. 90 % of emails are unopened and 80 % of TV ads go unnoticed. Content marketing is all the marketing that is left and behind every piece of bad content is an executive who asked for it in the first place. Its important to know your audience , know what content works and then make smarter decisions. He quoted the example of Indigo airlines for personal attention to things

Sandeep Amar, Zee Entertainment

Brands can reach users but they do not have credible content sources. They need to push their content on social media. Responsibility of driving traffic is both of the brand and the publisher. Maggi noodles is still stuck in the junk food image although the atta variant is also there but very less people know about it and even then, unwilling to try it.

Harish Behl

Its important to create content about the audience. Mine data and create content out of it. Help people satiate their primal curiousity and create a content that takes a life of its own. Even simple number and figures can generate content out of nowhere to say the least.

Rupak Saluja – 

His focus was on the fact that content is good, distribution is god. Traditional marketing is stating the world that you are a rockstar, content marketing is showing that you are one. Today with so many distribution ways around, it was important to know what would work. Netflix spent $ 3 billion on content alone last year. Go pro uses youtube to spread and share content which is uploaded by the customers themselves and which again shows that there is a huge amount of content around us, we need to distribute it properly.

Distribution has a new player in the form of Vessel which gives 70% of ad revenue to the creators as opposed to 55% by youtube and further more the ads on Vessel are just 5 seconds long.

Closing address

At the end of this I felt happy. After 2 days of the so called Crash course” I learned a lot of things, met a few interesting people whom would have not been possible otherwise. Comparatively Day 2 was much good for me as compared to day 1.

Pigeons having their own summit

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