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Exide My Money Book : My financial chest

In this world of fast paced life , investments and finances need to be managed with ease and in comes a welcome change in the form of the Exide my money book. It’s the old fashioned way of maintaining all things in this hi tech and fast paced daily life. I am still the person who believes in using pen and paper to record all information because how much hi tech the world becomes, there is no other greater ease of handling all the information on pieces of paper and no need to search for electronic devices to view the information.

A step towards the same is the Exide My Money book – a small notebook which is small but helps in managing all the information related to finances and investments at one place. Holding just some 15 odd pages but the amount of information and the variety of it it can compress into itself is phenominal. 

The various features which I liked about this small handy book are as follows-

1. Clear categorization- Insurance, Bank details , loans and investments are the 4 broad categories which are further divided into the various sub categories which can hold all the information you can think of in one place.

2. Light weight and not bulky which makes it a ease to carry it around and record all the information which can be needed without going through the need of shuffling too many loose sheets to see the information.

3. Enough space- With people today going in for multi investment options, space is never a constraint here in this tiny book which boasts of space for more than 8 policies in life insurance and mutual funds investments and more such things.

4. Comprehensive details – While seeking out all the information regarding the various investments and policies, the book tries to gather all the comprehensive information about the policy or the investment so that once you are done filling up all the information in this book, you never have to look at the original document to see the information. Just one turn of the page of this small notebook and you are done.

5. Loss of data and information is never an option unlike the electronic formats where there is always a fear of loss of data due to untowed incidents, media corruption, misplacing the information in the huge amount of all other junk information and which later becomes a headache to find it when you need it most.

Not everything is perfect in the first go and so here are the few things in the wishlist which I want to be taken care of in the next edition of the money book-

1. There should be coloured pages on all those pages which serve as an index for the policies to follow. For e.g.- The page marking the start of insurance policies must be in a different colour and the same should be done with bank details, loans and investments page too. All white pages don’t look too good.

2. The pages before the start of the particular policies must be grooved in the same ways to facilitate page turning as the telephone diaries are done with side gooves in all pages from the alphabets A- Z.

3. With people keeping more bank accounts than before, a few more pages for keeping bank account details are needed alongwith a full page to note information for lockers and demat instead of the half page provided in the current edition.

4. The cover and binding of the said notebook needs a little more reinforcing. It looks like a bit of cheap material with the cover starting to come off if the book is folded too many times for use.

5. There is provision to record credit card details but not any such details to record debit cards. With majority of people carrying debit cards now instead of credit cards, this one feature is solely missing which needs to be taken care off at the earliest.

6. One more page must be added for health insurance details.

7. Use of the term “ property name and address” seems a bit unwarranted in the property loans section. Instead of that , the word “ location” would be more than suffice. A person who holds his own property must be remembering the property name and address of his own investment…right?? Unless he is into the land grabbing business where he needs to keep a tab on all his lands.

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