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Condoms: The guilty pleasure buys

Condoms are the guilty pleasures of today. People want them but are shy to ask them. Go to any chemist shop and people would find ways to ask for them when there is almost nobody at the shop. There is this unknown stigma of thinking about the reaction of the people when you ask for condoms. This seems to be probably the biggest challenge of today- ask for condoms. Even if you do ask one, it’s one of a quick grab and out of the shop as soon as possible. Until and unless one goes with a pre determined variety in mind, forget about checking out the varieties of condoms available in the shop. 

You must have seen many varieties of condoms available and stacked up in the chemist shops but rarely would you see a customer checking them out while buying. People know the various brands but don’t buy them maybe due to hesitation. Instead of being something for pleasure and protection, it has turned to embarrassment to the people who purchase them. Maybe it’s time to change all that and for the better. Welcome to The online marketplace which deals in…condoms..What else? The biggest plus point working in its favor is that unlike other e commerce portals who have a dedicated section to sexual wellness this one is fully for it so that there can be more variety and combinations to choose from. Remember the difference between a toy section in a huge departmental store and a toy only shop? That’s what makes condombazaar different and probably the main USP of this. 

It’s time to let go of the guilt and indulge in only pleasure. No more embarrassing trips to the chemists, waiting for the customers to leave and then picking up the lone salesperson in the shop to ask for condom. The salesperson also packs up the product in a brown bag as if transacting a drug deal and if another customer comes to the shop, his curiosity grows in your purchase thus increasing the embarrassment. Now from the comfort and convenience of the home you can choose what you want to buy, the brands, the variety all at a mouse click`s disposal, something which would be tough to find at any store/chemist shop considering the limited shelf space. All the brands which have been seen in print and electronic media are up here alongwith the varieties to suit your moods and needs. Want to try a bit more?? Try their sample packs with an assortment of brands in a single pack or create your own. Not limited to India alone, it deals with international names too. Now women can also choose theirs without having to worry about the so called non availability. 

Like its said, “ Why should boys have all the fun” ? Condombazaar is taking sexual wellness to a whole new level without you having to leave the comfort of your home or worry about privacy. For a really intimate experience, shed your inhibitions and do give it a try.

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