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Thekua : The delicacy now even closer to me

So that’s called as Thekua. Now I know its name. Would you believe that I tasted a delicacy  first time some 7 years back,  still remembered the taste but never knew its name. My first lip smacking brush with thekua happened during my hostel days when my hostel mates used to return from the holidays and bring that ghar ka chatorpan with them. All those years I tasted this thing without properly knowing what its called. Does it really matter when food is something which you really care about. That blast from the past was presented to me by Poonam ji ( Alok vats`s better half) during the fitbit launch at the oberoi.

One thing which constantly goes on between me and her is the invite to come to her home to try the various dishes. I have tried them and believe me I was hooked. After that she shifted her residence and for a lazy bum like me, Janakpuri to Faridabad seemed too far to travel. My constant nagging for months and she started preparing  these thekua at 11 in the night. These were her number 1 priority more than attending the launch.  These sweet delicacies are prepared in 3 variants- Atta, Suji and Maida. Only god knows which one I had that day ? I was not alone in having them, our whole group had a minimum of 1 each while some partiality was shown to Dipali ( she got a whole box to herself).

Loaded with sugar , raisin this is one thing not to be missed when it has been prepared by her. I can have these all day long, my only condition being that she must keep sending me these every day. Only recently I came to know that keeping lazyyy people like me in mind ( and who knows how many like me) she has started her own site dedicated especially to thekua where you can buy them.

 The site is .

You get a choice between the 3 variants prepared in either Ghee or Refined as per your taste. For 1st time sample testers , it starts with 250gms and goes upto 2 kg which you can order from the comfort of your home. This site has given Poonam ji the chance to spread the flavor of Thekua to places far and wide while for me its just a few mouse clicks away. So head there and taste this amazing dish from the comfort of your home. If she can prepare this dish at 11 in the night to give it to me the next day ( a promise which she kept and made sure to make Alok ji run around for ingredients at that hour), you can very well imagine how much happy she would be to make it for you.

Check the site:

Flavour update in 2021 - 6 years back there were only 3 flavours- Atta, Suji, Maida. Now there are 2 more- Oats and Kesar. Try them .
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  1. Thanks a lot Shwetabh, your article as delicious as thekua.