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Valentines Day: My love story - You need to say to her everyday #IGPValentinesDay

Valentines Day – The day when cupids strike couples worldwide. Contrary to what others may say about expressing your love and feelings at any time of the year and not just wait for Valentines. This day has its own importance for everyone – the boy and the girl. Every girl wants to be wooed on that day and boys also make sure that they turn this particular day really special for their special one, coz whatever you do, expressing the emotion that you love them come what may, is important. 

So for the first time I would try to share my own love story so that you can also see that how much special this day is for me. Names and places would be changed to protect identities. This is a very small incident which I don’t really know whether would interest you or not but it would really make sure that you try to understand that love really is in its most literal meaning. 

I had a tough time in my love life, Neha (name changed) was my batchmate from school. We kind of drifted away after school but years back due to higher studies we came into contact with each other (coincidence). As time passed and we got talking, I felt that I really love her being around me, dismissing the feelings to be not more than infatuation in the beginning but when this thing really persisted and did not fade away , I had to admit it that I loved this girl. I was sure of my feelings, she wasn’t because she had the thinking that how can someone love her, I deserved maybe someone more good and beautiful. It was not a game and I refused to relent making my thinking made known to her that I love her irrespective of how she looks. I was posted in a different city due to job and she was here in my hometown. Only I knew how much I missed her everyday, she was my addiction. All this while I understood that once you truly love a person all other things become secondary. One year on valentines day, I decided to see her. None of the families knew of the relationship so sending her valentines day gifts was out of the question but she would not have liked me rushing meet her (she was against unnecessary expenses). So I did the craziest thing I could do then, I booked to and fro flight tickets for myself and flew down to my hometown on valentines day. Told my family members that I had come for some official work and in the evening went to Neha`s locality. 

Kept a safe distance so that she might not see me and neither wanted her family to see me ( they knew that I was her friend but I did not wanted to be in a situation where I might have to disclose to neha that why I came to see her). Parking my vehicle away from being sighted it was a sight to behold when she came out to the garden. I just could not get my eyes away from her. So wanted to run then and hold her in a tight hug never wanting to let her go, I knew how much I controlled myself. I started smsing her telling how beautiful she was looking, kind of running commentary and it was even fun when she was looking around all baffled, phone to her ears trying to spot me. Playing that teasing game was much fun to me that day. That was probably the best valentines I could have asked for. My hope to see her on that day fulfilled in the most awesomest way. I caught the early morning flight and went back. I had come just to see her and I fulfilled the promise I made to myself. It didnot matter to me that how much i had spent just to see her that day, all it mattered to me was that I did. Years later when I shifted to my hometown, I used to pick her up from her office. Every moment waiting for her, searching that smiling face from the crowd was unbearable. It seemed then that there were probably thousands of needles piercing my heart every second of the wait.

These small things made me realize that you do not need a Valentines day on 14th feb. only to say to her that you love her, you need to do it 24x7x365. You need a Valentines everyday to show it to her. If you can tell why you love her, it`s not love… if you can`t tell, then its love. You cant list down why you love someone, words and emotions always fall short when it comes to that stage. Everyone has his/ her ways of expressing love and you must do it to the best of your ability…some find solace in expressing it through words, some need gifts…

I could express my love in words, if you feel that you say that more easily with gifts then you need to have a look here this valentines day

There comes a person in everyone`s life for whom that person can smilingly go down on one knee and propose…make sure you treasure that person for life…for love comes to only select few. 

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  1. Yes it's true you don't need to wait for valentine's days to express your feeling or love. If you love someone than tell her/him anytime or 24/7/365 day.

    But gifts are good ideas to express your love and feeling to your beloved.

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