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We are bloggers...

Some lines by me written years back which attempt to break the stereotype thinking others have for us bloggers. Its a community in itself which laughs, shares together and also comes together in times of need.

We are a different set of people.
Each one with his/her special skill.
Proudly call ourselves bloggers.
The world jokingly thinks us to be mad.
The rest think of us as currency minting machines.
We take it all in our stride.
It looks just a useless way of typing and staring at the computer for long periods to the others.
But its never easy.
Its not easy to pen down your thoughts and emotions.
Its not easy to make a career out of it.
Its not easy to make money out of it.
But we still do it, still do it for our passion.
The passion to think of things and to share them.
The passion to let things flow as they come to the mind.
The passion to be the change to the society.
The passion to belong to a community called bloggers.
We are not mad, not any printing press by any means..
We are just humans.
Humans that have a heart too.
Blogging is just another aspect of our passion.
There are instances when there are causes much greater than this passion.
At those instances, we come together irrespective of our physical distances.
Then this passion becomes a medium of help.
Help just like any member would get from his family.
His “blogger” family.
Coz each and every member is special.
Special in its own way.
We are the blogger family....

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  1. There is a sense of innocence in this work....nicely penned.

  2. Well written..Well expressed.. :)
    Thanks for sharing...