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WOW - Soulmates..

Soulmates…I don’t want a soulmate

Life partner, wife… for these are just names for the society.

Instead I look for a girl who can be my mate.

The girl who can be my best friend where secrets find a secret tunnel to flow to.

Where she is not bound to change her name to mine, she has her own identity , she is free to choose.

When she is free is choose what she wants to do- work or be a housewife ? Her choice.

Where personal space is not limited to just the physical space in the house we would live in but the personal space to be yourself in your life.

When she can sit in silence and admire nature`s scenery in full glory instead of telling the whole world about it.

When she would be excited to discover nature while walking down a less known taken trekking path or dive down in the depths of time to know the origins of a monument standing tall.

Soulmates…I don’t want a soulmate

The girl who can be my girlfriend first, be possessive and throw all the tantrums.

The one who can enjoy hanging around with her friends, for she had friends even before she came into my life.

When she can just be quiet and let me be , for indulging in some passions which I have which are beyond her understanding.

When she can take a walk with me on empty roads, on a cold wintery night without asking any questions.

When she could understand my invisible scars on the heart and yet not ask about her.

For that’s one memory I wouldn’t be able to tell and she not able to hear. 

Its the same we both would expect.

When she can just be near me and hold my hand , for my mind doesn’t know what it wants and is unable to speak through words- just want her to be there .

Not much that I ask for, for its not a soulmate I ask for.

Its only a girl I look for, who can complete me.


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  1. Totally free as humans. That's what love and soulmates should seek. Beautiful!

  2. I like your idea of so perfect soul mate.. Hope you get one soon.nice post.

  3. Clear expression. But life is not just one-sided expectations!