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WOW: Give Me A Magic Wand And I Will…

Who doesn’t want a magic wand to use, just like they show in the fairytale movies. So here I am, this weekend, letting my thoughts run really wildly over what would happen if I get my hands on a magic wand and led all my extreme fantasies come to life in reality. A note of caution is that in these wishes and thoughts there are a few instances where human existence does not matter to me, that’s how it is there. Here it is all without any sequential order and just as they come into my mind-

· The magic wand would enable me to get my hands around the iron pillar in the Qutab Minar complex. Stretchable hands I don’t mind but let me have it.

· The Black Taj would be constructed overnight and the white Taj would be restored to its former white glory. In fact, monuments all around the world would be reinstated to the condition where they were one day after they were finally completed. That would mean that there would be no effects of time, weather on them. They would be as new as they were centuries ago.

· All the ugly, nonsensical graffiti and handwriting that the Indian public has carved on the monuments would vanish just like that and they would get an invisible coating which would prevent any more love stories being written on the walls of the historical monuments.

· The biggest of all- the ozone layer would be fully repaired and if the need arises, a second ozone layer would come up on top of the present one so that the earth becomes cooler.

· All the things taken by various countries over the years from India world be back and automatically kept in the safest of protection zones from where they can’t be moved. This includes the Kohinoor diamond and the peacock throne too.

· Every year, hundreds of people climb Mount Everest and Everest itself grapples from the problem of garbage left behind by the Mountaineers. One swoosh of the magic wand and every bit of garbage left behind by the Mountaineers would be cleaned up and would come down to the cities from where they can be properly disposed of and recycled.

· Continuing on the same front, the bodies of air crash victims, Mountaineers who died on various mountains and all would be magically retrieved and they would be handed over to their respective family members instead of them being preserved in the icy cold mountains.

· Now this is a fun part from my side. I would wave my magic wand and every bit of is gotten wealth collected by the politicians of India would automatically go into the fund, which would enable the defence forces of India to make their necessary purchases of hardware, equipment, weapons at ease without having to worry the amount of burden it would put on the exchange. So the forces could be modernised and fully equipped at the expense of the politicians money which in turn is a public money in the first instance. Well, I have a biasness towards the armed forces so I would wish the money to be diverted to them.

· The so-called transformers type resurrection would happen in the case of INS Vikrant and it would automatically be converted into a naval museum. A far cry from its present state where it fell into the greed of the politicians and was sold as mere scrap to a business group who did nothing but used for its own purposes and then decided to show off its patriotism.

· All the products in the world having been discarded right now would be recycled in a very unique and different way. All the products which have been not recycled and thrown away as garbage would go many steps back towards their manufacturing stage, having being broken up into the raw materials. To get a clear picture of this, let me give you an example, suppose there is some unused product which is made up of wood and has now been discarded. The wood from all such products which have been so discarded would automatically go back and become a tree again and that tree would reclaim the spot from where it was first cut down.

In this way, all such wasted, discarded natural resources would go back to the places where they were before they were extracted or cut down by usage in various products. If the place from where said tree was cut, now houses some homes where humans are living, that tree would grow back into the very same spot, even if it means that the humans have to now displace themselves. Another type of reverse is where there is a mixture of various raw materials coming together to make one product. Supposedly a tyre making company at full storage capacity of new tires in terms of raw materials and a few tires need to be reborn. The tire would be bifurcated into the raw materials and those raw materials would displace an equivalent amount of raw materials from the already full capacity production facility. The raw materials now free would go back into the same states as they would went back to be a tree again.

In this way the wastage of things would help mother nature get back a lot of the green and forest cover it has lost over time in centuries to the greed of the human race.

· All such kid products which were discontinued over the years would be back- Gold spot, Bonkers, Uncle chips in its former avtar, Amul chocolates and a lot more.

You can very well see that on my magic wand has not done anything which would help in increasing the greed of the human race. There has been no increase in production capacity of the factories or storage as they would facilitate more cutting down of the natural resources.

Well this is my magic wand and this is my craziness so this is what I want my magic wand to do for me..

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  1. Really liked your blog. The line in which you wrote about stretchable hand was hilarious. And really appreciate your sense of concern for our environment. ☺️

  2. must get a magic wand...coz i really want the money from the scamsters to reach the poor and needy and also to our forces!!!
    Wide angled musing and wider angle thoughts...great read!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Starting Afresh