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The promise. #fridayfotofiction

"Wow..they are my favorite flowers" Sarah said to her brother as her wheelchair was pushed to the front row at the wedding.

"Why am I being seated in the front row?"

"Nicole`s intructions", he said

Just 5 months back, an accident left her wheelchair bound till her recovery. She had come to her best friend`s wedding.

"Ryan and I were to get married today and had this accident not have happened I would have been in the white dress."

"Yeah but Ryan loves you in this blue dress always." 

After the ceremony, Nicole`s mother Amanda sat next to her .

Sarah asked, "Why isnt everyone breaking for the party?" Then as an afterthought she said to herself,"Dont know when I would get married?" to which Amanda said, "Right now" as she saw Nicole sitting next to her handing her the bouquet , ready to be her bridesmaid.

Ryan had kept the promise.

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  1. This is so romantic!
    Good one, Shwetabh!
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction

  2. Wonderful take on the prompt. Glad he kept his promise.

  3. Oh such a sweet tale of unrelenting love and faith. Good one Shwetabh!

  4. awww that is so cute. I love this man who kept his promise. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction.