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Isoterra and Kashmir

I don’t know who started it all- did Dualistic Inquiry made me love Kashmir or Kashmir made me fall in love with Dualistic Inquiry ? It was the same time when Soundtrek was in its 1st season in 2013. The programme was awesome although it got destroyed in subsequent seasons. Its a very very small post but still, lets talk about Dualistic Inquiry and Kashmir. 

The song which I am talking here is very specific – Isoterra. This got featured in the episode and the melody of is was so so great that I instantly fell in love with it within the first 10 seconds. Its very very close to my heart. The visuals shown in the episode made me go down memory lane because I had returned from my Kashmir trip just 1 week before the episode had aired so everything was fresh in my mind, very fresh. I connected with it more because I had also stayed in a houseboat, had full tour of the Dal lake and had some of the best hospitalities of that paradise. Be it the Kashmir markets, Lal Chowk, floating market, the lush greeneries of the way, the scenic spots of Pahalgam and Gulmarg. 

The combination of this song and all that has been so magical that Isoterra has been my phone ringtone since 2013, without fail. Isoterra always reminds me of the beautiful Kashmir…always. Mine is not stuck with any human emotions, its because that place is so magical and probably the only place where I heard a saying “ If there is any paradise on earth, its Kashmir ” come true. 

So what has been your favourite song and the associated memories with a place ?? 

This is the song which I love: Isoterra .

After the episode aired, the episode mix of the song got with the santoor got so so loved that Dualist Inquiry had to post the whole mix of the song..this one is called as the " Dal Lake edit"

If you want to see that particular episode then here it is and understand what I am talking about :

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